10 Best Marijuana Gummies 2019

10 Best Marijuana Gummies 2019

Marijuana edibles give you one of the most enjoyable ways to get high, and one of the most popular kinds are marijuana gummies. Marijuana gummies come in all kinds of shapes and flavors, often mimicking popular candies such as Gummy Bears and Sour Patch Kids. 

Edibles can be quite strong for beginners- they make you much higher for much longer than just smoking cannabis. They’re often split into small doses to make it extra easy to control your high and get the effects you want for hours. Here are the 10 best marijuana gummies of 2019 to try out for yourself.

1. Ed & Bills Sour Berries

If you’re a big fan of sour sweets, then it’s hard to beat these delicious Sour Berries from Ed & Bills. Each gummy will give you a sour, fruity taste along with sensational euphoric effects that will heighten your senses while relaxing your body.

Each one of these sour gummy candies gives you 10mg of THC. Just one is enough to get a good high, but with 20 in each pack, you get a whole 200mg of THC so you can enjoy the experience over and over again.

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Ed and Bills Sour Berries

2. Ed & Bills Watermelons

These delicious gummy Watermelons from Ed & Bills are another one of the best marijuana gummies of 2019. The sweet and sugary flavor will tantalize your tastebuds, while the effects will give you some incredible soothing effects.

You get 20 candies in each pack, each containing 10mg of THC. Beginner users can get high on just one, but you can always take a few or even split them up into microdoses to get the exact kind of high you want.

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3. Ed & Bills Coke Bottles

Are you looking for a classic gummy candy with an amazing taste that’ll also get you high? The Ed & Bills Coke Bottles are the perfect choice for you. These are some of the most popular gummies, offering up the sweet taste of cola. Of course, the long-lasting high is also a big plus for any user.

It’s easy to dose with these gummies as they’re split into 20 doses of 10mg. With 200mg in each $30 pack, you get amazing value for your money with these- especially as the high will last for hours on end.

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Ed & Bills Coke Bottles

4. Ed & Bills Sour Gummy Bears

These delectable Sour Gummy Bears offer one of the absolute best ways to get high. Each pack contains multiple different flavors for you to enjoy. At the same time, you might not want to enjoy too many since they’re packed with potent THC.

You get 200mg of THC in each packet, split into 20 servings of 10mg. They’re easy to dose with, easy to enjoy, and offer a way to consume cannabis in the form of a favorite candy treat. These are definitely one of the best marijuana gummies of 2019.

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5. Ed & Bills Sour Patch Kids

Do you enjoy the amazing flavor of Sour Patch Kids? Now you can enjoy them along with the amazing effects of THC. These cannabis-infused Sour Patch Kids are perfect for those looking for delicious candies that’ll get you high.

Each 10mg candy can give you some great effects, uplifting your mood while giving you euphoric relaxation. Each pack contains 20 of these, giving you 200mg in total. If you love Sour Patch Kids, these edibles are well worth a buy.

Buy Ed & Bills – Sour Patch Kids (200mg) 

Ed & Bills Sour Patch Kids

6. Ed & Bills Strawberries

For a fantastic fruit flavor, try out the Ed & Bills Strawberries. The sugary candies are shaped like strawberries and taste like them too. Plus, each one will make you feel happy and blissful while also taking away pain and stress.

You can get a lot out of a single 10mg candy, but you have 20 in each pack giving you a total of 200mg of THC. Each pack only costs $30, giving you great value in a tasty, cannabis-infused treat.

Buy Ed & Bills – Strawberries (200mg) 

7. Ed & Bills Blue Raspberries

Another one of the best fruit gummies is these Ed & Bills Blue Raspberries. Just like with anything else blue raspberry flavored, these taste great. Of course, you’ll also get the sweet, soothing effects of cannabis.

With 20 gummies in a pack giving you a 10mg dose of THC each time, you can have a lot of fun with these gummies. Plus, a pack only costs $30, making them more than worth it.

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Ed & Bills Peaches

8. Ed & Bills Peaches

These Ed & Bills Peaches are perfect for anyone who loves peach-flavored candies. You can expect a nice smooth high from these, making you feel happy and dreamy while also relieving you of any pain, stress, and physical tension.

Like with the other gummies in the Ed & Bills range, you get 200mg of THC in every pack, split into 20 servings of 10mg.

Buy Ed & Bills – Peaches (200mg)

9. Ed & Bills Cherries 

If you prefer cherries, then these gummies are even better. Each one gives you a mouthwatering cherry taste along with the stimulating effects of cannabis. Even just one can give you a long-lasting high, but you can take more for even stronger effects.

With a $30 pack giving you a whole 200mg of THC, split into doses of 10mg, you get some amazing value from these delicious fruit gummies.

Buy Ed & Bills – Cherries (200mg)

Ed & Bills Sour Keys

10. Ed & Bills Sour Keys 

Last, but not least, are these Ed & Bills Sour Keys. If you ever tried Sour Keys when you were a kid, you’ll know how delicious they are. The only difference is these ones also give you the amazing recreational and medical effects of cannabis.

With 20 servings of 10mg THC, you get more than enough in each pack to enjoy yourself. Each one can give you a great high, but you can also take more than one if you want even more intense effects. 

Buy Ed & Bills – Sour Keys (200mg) 


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