10 Marijuana Games to Play at Parties Instead of Drinking Games

10 Marijuana Games to Play at Parties Instead of Drinking Games

When you’re having a gathering with friends and want to have fun, bond, and put yourself in a good mood, drinking games are often the go-to activity. However, if you want to avoid people getting drunk and puking, you might want to get high and try some fun marijuana games to play at parties instead of drinking games.

Most of these games work just like drinking games- you just have to take a hit from a bowl or a drag from a joint instead of taking a drink. Not only will they lead to some hilarious fun, but they’re also a great way to enjoy your high more and bond with your smoking buddies. Here are 10 of the best smoking games you should try.

1. Movie/TV Show Smoking Game

One of the best parts of getting high is watching great movies or TV shows, and you can enjoy the experience even more with this simple and effective smoking game. If you’ve ever played a drinking game that revolves around taking a drink whenever a certain thing happens or a certain phrase is uttered, this is the same concept- you just take a toke of your joint instead.

The great thing about these games is that you can use any TV show or movie and simply make up the rules with your friends. For instance, you might want to watch a classic stoner movie such as The Big Lebowski and smoke whenever “dude” is said or whenever The Dude drinks a White Russian. You can also make other rules, such as taking 2 tokes or holding a toke for a minute when something less common happens.

You can make as many rules as you feel like. Come up with at least 5 or 6 and enjoy your favorite movie or TV show while taking tokes of your favorite strain. If you’re too high to come up with the rules yourself, there are plenty of movie and TV show drinking games online that you can simply adapt to smoking games.

Word Association Game

2. Word Association Game

Another classic that’s simple enough for anyone to play is the word association game. One person starts the chain with any word and the next person in the circle must say the first word that comes to their mind in association with the previous word. Keep it going for as long as possible until someone trips up.

There are two ways someone can lose- either by hesitating for 3 seconds or by coming up with a word that has nothing to do with the previous word. At this point, they must take a long drag on their joint then start a new chain with a new word. You might even want to make it more interesting by having the loser take more tokes with each loss.

This game is fun enough when you’re drinking (or even just as a standalone game), but it’s even more fun when you’re high. Use a strain that’ll give you a giggly and creative high, such as Orange Diesel. Not only will you and your friends come up with better words, but they’ll all seem that much more hilarious after a few tokes.

3. Categories

The categories game is another one of the easiest games to play when you’re high. It doesn’t take much explaining and you can play it with as few as 2 people, although the more people you have, the more fun it’ll be.

This game works similarly to the word association game. The first player must pick a category, such as punk bands or ‘90s sitcoms. The second player then starts off the chain, saying one thing from the category, followed by the next person in the circle, and so on. When someone hesitates or picks something that doesn’t fit into the category, they must smoke and pick the next category.

There are plenty of ways that you can make this game more fun. You can either pick a category that everyone has something to add to or pick something so niche that you’re sure to catch one of your buddies off guard. You can also make people smoke more with each subsequent fail, leading to a game that’ll swiftly get everyone nice and high.

4. You Laugh, You Lose

This game is perfect for when you’ve got a good high going and can’t stop laughing- especially since it’s so hard not to laugh and you’ll likely end up smoking more. The rules of the game are simple- you and your friends must remain stoic and stop yourselves from laughing for as long as possible.

Once someone laughs, they lose and must take a drag before everyone starts again. You can also play it last-man-standing style- everyone drops out one by one and gets to try and make the others laugh until there’s only one left. Their prize can then be to take a long drag or choose someone else to smoke more, depending on their priorities.

To make things even harder, try putting on one of your favorite comedy shows or films and watch as everyone tries to hold in their laughter. This leads to some of the biggest laughs when you’re high- especially when you’re using a marijuana strain that promotes happiness and giggles, such as Pink Kush.

Never Have I Ever

5. Never Have I Ever

“Never Have I Ever” is an all-time classic game, and everyone has likely played this as a drinking game at some point. It’s a great way to get to know your friends better, or simply to bring up their most embarrassing moments to catch them out. However, instead of drinking, you simply have to take a drag of your joint when you lose.

If you’ve never played Never Have I Ever, the rules are simple. You say “Never have I ever…” followed by something you’ve never done. Anyone who has done it loses and must take a hit. The next person in the circle then says their “never have I ever” and you can keep it going around for as long as you want.

Questions can be anything from “never have I ever been to France” to “never have I ever dabbed” to “never have I ever had a threesome”- the goal is simply to catch your friends out and have fun in the process. This game is always a blast and you’re bound to find out many interesting things about your smoking buddies while you get high together.

6. High Jenga

Jenga is another classic party game that’s extra fun when you’re high with your friends. Before you start, take a marker and write rules on various Jenga pieces related to smoking. You could put things like “take two hits” or “choose someone else to smoke” or “hold a hit for 2 minutes”. Get as creative as you want.

When the game starts, you take it in turns to pull out a piece of the Jenga tower. Each player also has to check their Jenga piece and follow whatever it says. Keep going until someone inadvertently topples the tower.

You can punish the loser by making them hold a hit for as long as possible before making them rearrange the tower. You can then start all over again and, before you know it, you’ll all be high as a kite. Playing Jenga with a steady hand gets more challenging the higher you get, leading to some hilarious moments.

7. Hold Your Hit

If you want a game that’ll get everyone high, then Hold Your Hit is pretty much the perfect game to play. The rules of this game are simple enough for anyone to grasp and they ensure that every person in the circle smokes, meaning that your whole party will be high and having fun before long.

Simply put, you take a hit and pass the joint (or Bong, Blunt, or Pipe) to the next person in the circle. The catch is that you must hold your hit until the joint (or smoking device) reaches you again. Just as you finally get to exhale, you’ll need to take another hit and hold it in again.

You might not want to play this game for too long- it won’t take many rounds before everyone hits a stellar high and, at that point, you might want to put the joint down and simply enjoy the experience. However, when it comes to getting everyone high as quickly as possible, this game is hard to beat.

Hold Your Hit

8. Bong Of Fire

Ring Of Fire is known as one of the best drinking games out there. However, if you want to smoke instead, you can easily adapt it to a fun smoking game called Bong Of Fire. You can use many of the same rules, the only difference is that you have to take a drag or your joint instead of taking a drink.

This game involves spreading a deck of cards in a circle- usually around a cup. However, in this case, you can put a Bong in the middle. Each player takes it in turns to pick up a card and every card has different rules. This game often has different rules and you can even make them up yourself, but here are some of the classic rules you can use.

Ace – Waterfall (everyone must smoke until the person to their left stops)

2 – You (pick a person to smoke)

3 – Me (take a drag)

4 – Thumbmaster (whenever you put your thumb on the table, everyone else must follow suit. The last person to put their thumb on the table must smoke)

5 – Guys (every guy in the group takes a drag)

6 – Chicks (every girl in the group takes a drag)

7 – Heaven (you can put your hand in the air at any time. The last person in the group to follow suit must smoke)

8 – Mate (pick a smoking mate. They then have to take a drag whenever you do)

9 – Rhyme (pick a word. You then go around in a circle picking rhyming words until someone hesitates or picks a non-rhyming word. The loser has to smoke)

10 – Never Have I Ever (say something you’ve never done. Everyone who has done it must take a drag)

Jack – Make A Rule (make up a new rule for the game that everyone must follow- such as smoking whenever someone says “and”)

Queen – Question Master (whenever you ask someone a question and they answer, they have to take a drag)

King – King’s Cup (add some weed to the Bong in the middle. The last person to pick King must smoke all of it)

9. The D.I.Y. Bong Challenge

If you and your friends feel like getting crafty then you might want to try the D.I.Y. Bong Challenge. The objective of this game is to make the best Bong, Pipe, or smoking device you can make using nothing but basic items from the house or closest grocery store.

There are many approaches you can take. You might want to make a classic Water Bottle Bong or an Apple Pipe. You could get a little offbeat and make a smoking device out of a Bell Pepper or Pumpkin. There are all kinds of objects that you can make into D.I.Y. Bongs and Pipes, so get creative and impress your friends.

Make sure your Bongs are safe to smoke- if you’re using plastic, cover the bowl with aluminum foil and poke a few small holes in it. Once everyone in the group has made their Bong, everyone tests each other’s Bongs and votes for the best. Everyone gets to smoke plenty of weed and the winner gets to choose a punishment for the losers.

The D.I.Y. Bong Challenge

10. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Sometimes after you’ve been smoking for a while, you’re too lazy to think, let alone set up a whole game. That’s when Rock, Paper, Scissors comes in handy. This is one of the simplest games to play and doesn’t require anything except your hand.

Pretty much everyone already knows the rules of this game. You challenge a friend, count to 3, and reveal either rock, paper, or scissors with your hand. Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats rock.

The only difference is that, in this case, the loser has to take a long drag of their joint or a big hit from the Bong. You can challenge your friends as much as possible or even turn it into a tournament. Whichever way, this is a fun and effortless way to get everyone high.


Next time you’re having a party or getting together with your smoking buddies, make sure you try these games out. They’ll lead to all kinds of fun and memorable moments- not to mention the fact they’ll make you exceptionally high. Don’t forget to stock up on weed– you can get plenty of affordable, high-quality marijuana online at BudExpressNow.


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