15 Best Munchies That are Perfect When You are High

15 Best Munchies That are Perfect When You are High

Whether you’re smoking a joint, vaping weed, or using marijuana-infused products such as Tinctures and Edibles, you’re still likely to be hit by the munchies. Marijuana increases your appetite and makes you feel incredibly hungry, and sometimes you need the right foods to hit the spot. So what are the best munchies for when you’re high?

Most users want a snack or meal that’s tasty and filling. Not only will a filling snack satisfy your hunger, but research shows that THC makes food look, smell, and taste better. As such, eating your favorite junk foods and meals when you’re high suddenly becomes heavenly due to the sense-enhancing effects of marijuana.

Some users prefer snacks that are healthy while still hitting the spot. Luckily, there are plenty of options for health-conscious marijuana users too and many of these are perfect for eating when you’re high. You can even find some foods that add to the entourage effects of weed and enhance your high in various ways.

Every user is different and it’s important to choose foods that’ll make you happy rather than anyone else. However, if you need some quality suggestions, we’ve got you covered. Here are 15 of the best munchies that are perfect for when you are high.

1. Cereal

When it comes to foods for the munchies, cereal reigns supreme. Every stoner has, at some point, poured out a bowl of their favorite cereal to quickly deal with their hunger while they’re high. It’s quick, convenient, incredibly filling, and every user has a favorite cereal to satisfy their cravings.

Some top choices include Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Froot Loops, Cap ‘N’ Crunch, and Nesquik. These cereals can bring you a sense of childlike joy when you’re high and the taste will feel so much better thanks to the euphoric effects of THC. You can also opt for healthier cereals- these will fill you up without making you feel too guilty. 

One of the great things about cereal is that you can always pour an extra bowl if the munchies are still hitting you hard. You can even mix cereals for an extra-tasty experience. Make sure you have a few boxes in your kitchen for your next high.


2. Pizza

Another one of the prime choices that users opt for when they’re high is pizza. Whether you prefer Margherita, pepperoni, or a stacked meat-lovers pizza, it’s one of the absolute best foods for satisfying your hunger when you’re high. There are also numerous reasons why grabbing a pizza makes perfect sense during your smoking sessions.

One of the main reasons that pizza is so popular for the munchies is that it’s convenient. You can simply call your local pizza place and have your favorite pizza delivered to your door swiftly. You might even want to add some extra sides such as fries or mozzarella sticks for an incredible stoner feast.

It’s also easy to simply put a frozen pizza in the oven- although you’ll need to remember to set the timer so you don’t accidentally burn a pizza in your high state. Whichever way, it’s a great food to enjoy while high and is also perfect for sharing with friends during social smoking sessions.

3. Sandwiches

Another one of the best munchies for when you’re high is a delicious sandwich. Sandwiches are filling, satisfying, and they can even be healthy depending on the kind of ingredients you use. Plus, you can customize them to your taste however you want so you can have the perfect snack for when you’re high.

The best sandwiches when you’re high are the ones that are stacked with fillings. Adding some extra meat, lettuce, tomatoes, pepper, and your favorite sauces will tantalize your taste buds after smoking weed. However, if you’re too lazy to make a sandwich while you’re high, it’s always easy to hit up the local Subway or Jimmy John’s for a satisfying sub.

4. Chinese Food

After hitting a bowl of potent weed, sometimes you’re simply too lazy to go to the kitchen and grab a snack, let alone think about cooking. That’s why ordering food is often the best option for when you’re high, and Chinese takeout is always incredibly satisfying when you’re dealing with the munchies.

Whether you prefer General Tso’s Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls, Salt and Chilli Beef, or something else, Chinese food can always satisfy your hunger after a joint or bowl. Make sure you order plenty of rice or noodles and spring rolls too- these add the perfect finishing touches to a perfect high feast.

Ice Cream

5. Ice Cream

Sometimes when you’re high and feeling hungry, you just want something sweet to satisfy your cravings. In these situations, ice cream is usually the perfect choice. Eating ice cream while high is an experience that everyone needs to try. Not only will it bring out more flavor, but the cold temperature and creamy texture feel incredible while you’re under the influence of marijuana.

It’s also a convenient snack for any stoner. Simply grab a tub of your favorite ice cream from the supermarket and leave it in the freezer for when you’re high. However, for the best results, make sure you take out your ice cream and leave it on the side for around 20-30 minutes before eating it or even microwave it for a few minutes. That way, it’ll be nice and soft when you dig your spoon into it.

6. Potato Chips

Another one of the most filling and satisfying snacks for any stoner is potato chips. Although they’re loaded with salt and not the healthiest choice, sometimes salty foods are the best for satisfying your cravings while you’re high.

They’re also one of the most convenient snacks you can find. You can find plenty of flavors of potato chips at any gas station, grocery store, convenience store, or pretty much anywhere else. Whether you want a small bag to tide your hunger over or a big bag to dig into when you’re high, it’s always good to have some for when you’re high and want something salty.

7. Nuts

Whether you prefer salty snacks or something healthy, nuts can suit pretty much every user. From salted peanuts to natural unsalted almonds, nuts are one of the most filling snacks you can get and they even have numerous health benefits due to how much protein and healthy fats they contain.

Interestingly, nuts can even enhance the effects of marijuana. They’re high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and these help cannabinoids break through the blood-brain barrier faster, resulting in you getting high quicker and getting high for longer. Plus, they can enhance your cognitive abilities and they taste great. It’s a win-win situation.


8. Fruit

While many users think of junk food when they think of the munchies, fruit can be just as satisfying. When you’re high, your sense of smell and taste is enhanced. If you found fruit boring before, you’ll love it when you experience the full flavor after a few hits from a joint or bowl.

Fruits can even enhance your high as they’re packed with terpenes. For instance, mangoes are high in Myrcene and can enhance the relaxing effects of marijuana. Grapes and berries are also great choices- they’re full of terpenes and pair especially well with various strains of marijuana. Pretty much any kind of fruit makes for an amazing snack when you’re high, so buy some of your favorite fruits and enjoy the experience.

9. Chocolate

Chocolate is another perfect snack for when you’re high. It comes in all kinds of varieties, so whether you want a bar of rich, dark chocolate to pair with a dank and earthy marijuana strain or a sweet bar of milk chocolate to make you even happier after smoking a sweet strain, there are plenty of good options.

Much like marijuana, chocolate contains components that activate feel-good chemicals in your mind, leading to an even happier high. Dark chocolate also has health benefits thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it perfect for pairing with the benefits of weed.

10. Cookies

When you want something sweet and filling with an incredible texture, cookies are the go-to option for a stoned snack. Cookies are satisfying enough when you’re sober, but experiencing them while you’re high brings them to a whole new level thanks to the sense-boosting effects of marijuana.

Whether you prefer crunchy cookies or soft and doughy cookies straight out of the oven, every bite feels like heaven when you’re high. On top of the satisfying textures, you’ll thoroughly enjoy every taste of cinnamon, vanilla extract, or whatever fillings your cookies contain. Store-bought cookies are great when you’re high, but freshly-baked cookies are even more amazing.


11. Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest foods out there. They’re packed with nutrients and vitamins, meaning they pair well with the health perks of marijuana. They also increase your cognitive function and even help increase serotonin production, meaning they can enhance the mood-boosting effects of marijuana.

While you might not feel like peeling and making a plate of mashed sweet potatoes when you’re high, sweet potatoes are a perfect snack. They’re delicious, filling, and can add to the effects of your high. You might want to cook some before you start getting high or simply order them from a local takeout place.

12. Burgers

Burgers are another one of the top junk foods that simply hit the spot when you’re high and the munchies strike. Although they’re not the healthiest choice, they give you a good dose of protein and carbohydrates as well as making you feel amazing.

The best way to enjoy a burger when you’re high is to order one from your favorite local joint. No matter whether you prefer a cheeseburger, chicken burger, or a burger that’s packed with all kinds of toppings, it’s an excellent snack for when you’re high.

13. Ramen

Ramen noodles are another one of the top snacks that stoners love. When you’re high and you want something hot but don’t want to order food, all it takes is a few minutes to cook up a batch of ramen noodles. They’re great for filling you up when you feel hungry, plus you can find plenty of flavors.

They’re also one of the cheapest snacks for when you’re high. You can easily get a batch of ramen noodles from the grocery store while barely spending anything. That way, you’ll be stocked up for whenever you need a tasty and satisfying meal when you’re high.


14. Brownies

When you’re high, hungry, and craving chocolate, brownies are the perfect snack to satisfy your cravings. Whether you get them from a bakery or even make some freshly-baked brownies, they’re one of the most delicious snacks you can eat after a smoking session.

The great thing about eating brownies when you’re high is that the flavor will jump out of them. They’re already enjoyable enough when you’re sober, but eating brownies when you’re high brings out the delicious chocolatey taste, not to mention you can add extra fillings or toppings to make them even better. Try melting some ice cream on top for a delectable dessert.

15. Fried Chicken

Many people’s minds go straight to fast food when they get the munchies. While burgers, pizzas, and Chinese food are all good choices, another one of the best snacks for stoners that we can’t forget is fried chicken.

Whether you prefer chicken nuggets, fried chicken wings, or a 3-piece combo, fried chicken is delicious when you’re high. You’ll get a nice kick of protein as well as the delicious breading that makes it even more enjoyable to eat. Get some BBQ sauce or chipotle mayo to make the meal even better.


Whether you’re looking for something healthy, something to enhance your high, or some delicious junk food to take away your hunger, these are 15 of the best munchies that are perfect when you’re high. 

Make sure you stock up on your favorite snacks before you start smoking, and keep the local takeout place on speed dial just in case. As for your marijuana needs, you can get all the weed you need online from BudExpressNow.


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