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2018 Best 420 Deals

The best holiday is almost here, which means the best 420 deals are ready. With such sweet deals, you’ll be ready celebrate green and even have some, well, green leftover for your munchies. We’ll be celebrating here at Bud Express Now with a one week long sale: 10% off the entire shop and a whopping 30% off orders over $420. Without  further adieu, here is a our finely curated list of this years must haves from our online Canadian dispensary.

Dry Herb Vape $120

The HERBVA pro is the sleekest vape you ever did see. The pen is easy to hold, fast heating, has advanced temperature control settings and operates off of a touch screen. It’s ultra compact and portable which makes it extremely discreet and easy to bring anywhere.

Ed & Bills Sour Patch Kids $30

Your all time favourite candies can get you more than just a sugar high. So you’ll want to grab these goodies while the deals are hot. Each pack of Ed & Bills comes with 20 pieces jam packed with 10 mg of THC. They are easy t0 dose, delicious and available in 20 different flavours.

CBD Cystalline $45

This crystalline is an extremely potent form of CBD fit to treat a variety of ailments. This product is non-psychoactive and is fit to help you with daily pains, inflammation, anxiety and some chronic illnesses. Also, it’s various methods of use make it super accessible. You can choose to dab, eat it, drink it and even mix it in with your cannabis to smoke.

Shatter Master OG Kush $50

OG Kush is one of the most famous strains of all time, and you can now have it as a shatter. Shatter Master makes a premium product that has formed a cult following. You can expect top quality and a killer photo of Bruce Lee on the easy to conceal packaging.

CBD Capsules $70

These capsules have a whopping 20 mg of CBD per pill perfect for treating pain, chronic illness, depression and anxiety. Miss Envy uses 100% natural hemp for these bad boys and they are also 100% vegan!

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