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3 Pot Best Lounges in Toronto, Canada

Canada is nearing full cannabis legalization, which means more pot lounges coming soon. The ultimate space for stoners and advocates to meet, relax and enjoy the benefits of this magical herb. Toronto is one of Canada’s top marijuana hubs full of enthusiasts and dispensaries. So if you live in the city or are planning a trip soon, make sure to check out these cafes and lounges.

Hotbox Cafe

Kensington Market is home to the coolest vintage stores and family own and run restaurants. And best of all, enough cannabis related stores to fill an entire afternoon. The Hotbox Cafe can be found at 204 Augusta Ave. and hosts a community that believes in the normalization of cannabis. Entry for cover is set at $5 and grants you access to board and video games, plus use of the “potio”.

Vapor Central

Central Toronto is home to one of Toronto’s premium pot establishments, Vapor Central. Not only is this lounge a super chill and welcoming environment but it also hosts some incredible events. “Karatokee”, nights, drag shows, jazz speakeasies and DJ nights just to name a few. And if killer entertainment isn’t enough, proceeds from many events go straight to local women’s shelters and other causes. They have a strict no mooching rule and charge a mere dollar if you want to bring in your own munchies.

Planet Paradise

“A safe and clean place for patients to medicate,” is the motto at Planet Paradise. This lounge is a self-described elegant members only lounge with a mega cozy vibe. Candle lit tables and fireplaces line the walls, and there’s fresh food prepared on site. Also, there’s a dab bar, live DJ’s and free wifi.

Are Pot Lounges Soon to be Legal

Recreational marijuana use is set to become legal in Canada by the fall of 2018. The Ontario government asked the public to weight in on cannabis lounges. Allowing licensed cannabis consumption lounges to run legally when the bill is passed is being currently considered. Why is their existence so important though? Lounges give an access to space to people who can’t sesh at home, and discourages people from using in public spaces. Also, many firmly believe that pot lounges would drastically cut criminal activity.

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