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How 4/20 Became a Holiday

We know you celebrate it, but do you know how 4/20 became a holiday? Each year cannabis enthusiasts and supporters raise a bud on April 20th to celebrate the magical healing plant. Whether you smoke in solitude, rally to fight drug policy, or get really high with tons of strangers at a parade, this day is for pot lovers of all kinds. There are an incredible number of fake explanations for the holiday. Some claim that it’s the number of chemical compounds in the plant, to celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday and more. None of these are actually true.The holiday is not yet official, but it is recognized and celebrated globally. Read on to learn why it came to be, and of course, how to make the most of it.

The Origins of 4/20

Believe it or not, here’s the story. It’s 1971 at San Rafael High School and there’s a group of students who go by the name “The Waldos”. Sometime in the fall, they catch wind that some guy in town has abandoned a cannabis patch somewhere in the woods. They make a game plan and decide to meet after school at, you guessed it, 4:20 p.m. They searched and they searched but they never did find the treasure. The term stuck though, and they used it whenever it was time to smoke up. One Waldo’s older brother was friends with the bassist from the Grateful Dead. Once the term caught on within that community, it spread like wildfire. And that’s how 4/20 became a holiday.

Celebrating 4/20 Around the World

In the countries and States where cannabis is legal, you can expect big concerts and events centred around pot. However, where it’s more hush hush, they’re still celebrating, just a little more low-key. Whether it’s legal where you’ll be celebrating, public consumption is still illegal. Celebrate responsibly, and never ever under any circumstances drive while stoned. Happy 4/20 everyone!

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