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420 Gift Guide to Treat Yourself

In anticipation for the greatest holiday of the year, here is your ultimate 420 gift guide. Of course, you are welcome to give the gift of marijuana and related products to whomever you like. But we think you should keep yourself in mind this year too.

Silly and Sophisticated Cannabis Prints

Society 6 is one stop shopping for the widest selection of weed related wall art. You’ve got hundreds of choices between framed, canvas, or metal prints as well as tapestries. The featured art comes from artists and graphic designers from all over the world. You’re sure to find something that catches your eye that’s begging to be put up on your wall.

Sugar High

Edibles are extremely easy to use, dose and conceal. Ed & Bill’s pack your favourite candy classics like Cole Coke bottled and Sour Gummy Worms with 10 mg of THC. If you’re craving more of a marijuana meal, head over to The Green Chef to order from a selection of desserts and dinner options.

Marijuana Magazine Subscription

To stay up to date with everything weed related, subscribe to a marijuana magazine that gets delivered right to your door. While you may already subscribe to this publications online, getting print issues gets you exclusive content, discounts and also the occasional goodie. We recommend High Times, Cannabis Business Times, Cannabis Now and Broccoli Mag.

Coffee Table Worthy Bongs

Why not have a bong that doubles as an art piece? You’ll feel incredible smoking out of something that you think is beautiful. Luckily, owning one might not mean you have to break the bank. IF you’re working with a higher budget, take a look at the incredible vase looking bong made of white or black porcelain. For a wide selection of prices and style, head to My Bud Vase  glass bongs that sparkle in the sunlight.


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