5 Accessories Every Stoner Needs

5 Accessories Every Stoner Needs

With the great variety in the kinds of marijuana products available today and the ways you can consume them, marijuana users often find themselves with all kinds of different devices. From simple pipes to handy vaporizers, there are certain accessories every stoner needs to really enjoy their weed.

These accessories are all affordable and useful in many different situations. You might want to use one with friends while keeping another at home. They also provide different experiences when it comes to consuming your favorite marijuana strains and concentrates. Here are 5 essential accessories that every stoner should have.

1. Grinder

One of the most important accessories every stoner needs is a grinder. When you buy weed, it generally comes in the form of thick buds packed together. Before you start using it, it’s best to grind it up to make it easier to roll up, light up, and smoke. Even if you’re using a vape pen or bong, it’s much better to have your weed ground up before you use it.

A simple Hand Grinder does the trick for most stoners. Just put your weed inside, close it, and grind it up. Hand Grinders are simple to use and small enough to put in your pocket. However, you can go for something a little more advanced if you prefer.

A 4 Layer PVC Storage Grinder makes it easier to collect the leftover kief in the bottom of your grinder and add it to a joint or bowl for stronger effects. If you want to go all out, you can even get an Electric Grinder which will automatically grind your weed as fine as you want it. Whichever way, every weed user needs some kind of grinder.

2. Pipe

Sometimes known as a bowl, a Pipe makes smoking weed easy. It removes the hassle of having to roll up a joint or blunt while also being smaller and more portable than a bong. In fact, all you have to do with a pipe is pack some weed, light it up, and inhale.

Pipes come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are designed for portability whereas others have interesting and unique designs which make them stand out. Whichever way, a pipe is a relatively simple smoking tool and any kind of pipe should be good enough to suit your needs.

For maximum convenience, you might want to get a Swivel Pipe. This tiny smoking device folds up so you can keep it in your pocket and pull it out whenever and wherever you need to smoke. Alternatively, you might want something a little fancier such as the Pink and Blue Camo Silicone Pipe. A quality pipe can be a stoner’s best friend, so investing in one is always a smart idea.

3. Bong

If you want something a bit more advanced than a Pipe, you’ll want to invest in a Bong. Bongs are similar to pipes with the added benefit of filtering your smoke through water before you take a hit. This results in smooth, pure, hits that can help you get extra high.

Bongs also come in various different shapes and sizes. Miniature bongs are better for portability but you can also get huge bongs with extra features for the best smoking experience possible. All you need to do to use a Bong is pack some weed into the bowl, light it up, and inhale through the mouthpiece for a heavy hit.

Every stoner should have at least one of these. They’re affordable and can last you for a long time as long as you take care of it. You can start off with something simple like a Long Neck Silicone Bong, but there are all kinds of bongs on the market and experienced smokers often move onto bigger and better bongs as time goes on.

4. Vaporizer

A Vaporizer offers a whole different way to consume weed. Unlike smoking, vaping involves heating up your product without burning it. Your vaporizer creates thick, marijuana vapor which you can then inhale for fast-acting effects. It removes all of the harmful toxins that can come with smoking and provides much cleaner hits.

Vaping can even help you get a better high. According to a 2018 study, vaporizing cannabis produces stronger and longer-lasting effects when compared to smoking it. Vaping also brings out more of the terpenes in marijuana, meaning you get much more of the flavor of your favorite strains when you vape them.

Vaporizers come in many forms, from large-scale desktop vaporizers to small and portable vape pens. Vaporizers can also be used with different products- some are compatible with weed, oils, and even concentrates. For a handy, affordable vape pen, check out the Airis 8 Gold Vaporizer.

5. Rolling Papers

You might prefer to smoke out of a pipe, vaporizer or bong rather than going to the hassle of rolling a joint. But still, every stoner needs rolling papers. Nothing else does the job better when you’re out and need a quick way to smoke your weed. Rolling up is great for social occasions or simply smoking on the go when you don’t have any other accessories on you.

Luckily, rolling papers don’t cost much and there are many different kinds to choose from. You can even get flavored rolling papers to add some extra flavor to your joints. You never know when they might come in handy, so it helps to have some available when you need them.


No matter how you like to use your weed, it’s always best to have all of these accessories just in case. You could feel like sparking up a bong one day but rolling up a joint with your friends on another. Plus, a lot of these are simply great fun to have on hand when you might need them.

There are a few other accessories you might want, such as a handy lighter for all of your smoking needs and even a bubbler. You can check out a whole range of accessories on our website, in addition to all of your favorite cannabis strains, concentrates, and other high-quality marijuana products.


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