5 Easy Homemade Pipes

5 Easy Homemade Pipes

If you ever find yourself without a bong, pipe or any rolling papers to use, there’s still another option. All you need is a few basic household objects and you can create some nifty homemade pipes. Some of these require a pen, a needle, some foil, and Blu-tack or sellotape. Some of these don’t need anything but the tool you use for the base.

You’ll be shocked at just how many simple things you can refashion into a pipe. Whether it’s something from your fridge, a pen or even a water bottle, there’s always a way to make a homemade pipe. While you won’t end up with the most durable smoking tool, many of these provide some pretty solid airflow and a good way to smoke. Here are some easy homemade pipes you can make right now.

1. Water Bottle Pipe

As far as homemade pipes go, the Water Bottle Pipe or Water Bottle Bong is usually the best option. A water bottle is perfect for making into a pipe as it has a nice hollow structure that provides plenty of airflow. Plus, it’s easy to add some water in the bottom for filtrating your smoke, just like a bong.

Take any water bottle, big or small, and cut or burn a hole in the side. You want it to be just big enough to fit a pen tube (or similarly slim tube). Stick the tube in and seal the hole with some blue-tack or tape so you don’t lose any smoke.

Now, roll some foil into a cup or a cone with small holes in the bottom and put it at the other end of the tube. You’ll want to use enough foil so that you don’t burn the plastic of the pen. As for the mouthpiece, all you have to do is unscrew the lid of your bottle and you’re ready to smoke. Fill the bottle with a little bit of water, pack the makeshift bowl, and inhale. You’ll be surprised at just how smooth the hits are.

Water Bottle Pipe

2. Apple Pipe

The Apple Pipe is another classic homemade pipe that many marijuana users have made when they’re in a cinch. The good thing about the Apple Pipe is it’s all-natural and you don’t need anything to make it except a knife or pen.

Start by cutting a small tube-like hole in the middle of the apple using a knife or something similar. You want to try and get to the center of the apple- this will soon become your mouthpiece. Now, cut a similarly slim hole in the top. Cut a bit more of the top to create a bowl. You now have an Apple Pipe.

If the hole around your bowl is too big, cover it with some foil and poke some holes in it. However, you can also burn the apple without worrying about it doing any harm. You can also cut an extra hole in another side of the apple to use as a carb. When you’re ready to smoke, pack the bowl, light, and inhale through the side.

3. Pepper Pipe

Another piece of food you can use as a pipe is a handy Bell Pepper. Any color will do. Since pepper has a hollow structure, it’s perfect for creating holes, adding a mouthpiece, and filling with potent marijuana smoke to inhale.

Cut a hole in the top of your pepper and cut the core out without going all the way to the bottom. Wrap some foil around the top and poke some holes in it. Now, create a small hole in the side for a pen tube to fit in diagonally. You can also use your pen tube to create the hole. Seal the tube hole and the bowl with some blue-tack to add the finishing touches.

Your Pepper is now ready to smoke out of. Put some weed in the top, light, and inhale through the tube in the side. It’ll fill up with smoke fast and provide decent hits. While you might catch a funky aftertaste, it works surprisingly well as a handy homemade pipe.

Coke Can Pipe

4. Coke Can Pipe

The Coke Can Pipe is another classic that many marijuana users have used at some point in their life when they have nothing else to smoke with. It’s also one of the easiest and most straightforward homemade pipes you can make. All you need is a knife or a needle.

You can use an empty Coke Can or any other kind of metal drink can. Put it on its side and push down on the side to create a groove. Now, poke some holes in the side with a needle or knife. This is your bowl. As for the mouthpiece, just remove the ring-pull and you can inhale from the hole you’d usually drink out of.

Keep the can on its side, put your weed in the bowl, light, and inhale through the mouthpiece. It works pretty well for such a simple homemade pipe. However, keep in mind that this is one of the worst homemade pipes to make as burning your drink can result in burning paint. It’s best to avoid this if you have other options.

5. Pen Pipe

Another astoundingly easy homemade pipe you can make is the pen pipe. All you need for this is a pen and you’re ready to smoke. However, not all pens are fit for the job. You’ll need a pen with an unscrewable metal cap and you’ll also need to create holes in both ends.

To create the Pen Pipe, take the bottom off of your pen and unscrew the metal screw cap from the top. Remove the ink tube and you should be left with a hollow tube with holes in both ends. Now, just put the cap on one end to use as a bowl. You may want to seal it with some blue-tack.

You put your weed in the small, makeshift metal bowl, light, and inhale from the other end. Be especially careful not to burn any plastic- inhaling burnt plastic is seriously bad for your health. While it’s not the greatest homemade pipe, it’s one of the easiest and works alright.

Pen Pipe


Once you learn to make these easy homemade pipes, you’ll realize you can make a pipe out of practically anything with two holes. Some people use pumpkins, toilet paper tubes, tic-tac boxes, and all kinds of other random objects to create smoking tools. However, keep in mind that none of these built a well-made pipe, bong or a joint, and you can always buy smoking accessories online.


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