5 Insane Marijuana Statistics

5 Insane Marijuana Statistics

The marijuana industry is growing fast, especially with marijuana now becoming legal in Canada and many parts of the United States. From users who want the amazing medical benefits of marijuana to those who simply want to enjoy the recreational high, people from all walks of life now use marijuana for many purposes.

As the popularity of marijuana grows, more and more research is coming out on the drug. From studies on the medical benefits of marijuana to surveys on what people think of it, a lot of fascinating marijuana statistics have come out. Here are five of the most insane marijuana statistics.

1. 92% of Patients Vouch for Medical Marijuana

While some users use marijuana simply for the fun recreational high, it also has a host of medical benefits. Many parts of the world now have medical marijuana programs, and many patients now use marijuana for issues such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, cancer, and more.

There’s been much research showing that marijuana has helpful properties which can be highly beneficial for certain symptoms. But what do medical marijuana patients think? According to a survey in California, 92% of patients vouch that medical marijuana works. These patients found that marijuana was beneficial in alleviating their symptoms from conditions like chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, and cancer.

Many health professionals are also in agreement. A 2013 survey found that 76% of doctors approve of medical marijuana treatment. The survey collected responses from 1,446 doctors spanning 72 countries. These doctors agreed that medical marijuana can reduce their patient’s suffering. 

2. Today’s Marijuana is 57-67% More Potent Than The ‘70s

It seems that as time goes on, marijuana is becoming more potent. Of course, now there are many more ways to use marijuana, with unique products and methods of consumption that allow you to get the best effects from your marijuana products. However, according to research, the weed you can buy today is significantly stronger than a few decades ago.

Research suggests that today’s marijuana is 57-67% more potent than weed from the 1970s, based on forensic analysis of marijuana samples. That means that the weed you can find today is up to six or seven times stronger than the weed you’d find in the 1970s- an extremely significant increase.

There are many potential reasons for this. With marijuana now legalized in many parts of the world, the facilities used to cultivate and harvest marijuana have improved. It’s now easier to get your hands on fresh, high-quality, professionally-grown weed. Of course, breeders have also played a part. New marijuana strains with higher THC levels are constantly cropping up, and weed could potentially be even more potent in the future.

3. Cannabis Users Are Less Likely To Become Obese

One common concern that marijuana users have is whether they’ll gain weight. There’s no denying that marijuana causes a sharp increase in your appetite, often known as the munchies. It’s not just a psychological phenomenon either, scientific research shows that the munchies are real and can even have medical benefits as an appetite stimulant. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll gain weight.

Although you might find yourself snacking more when you’re hit by the munchies, research suggests cannabis might even help you lose weight. A large-scale, 3-year study found that regular cannabis use was linked to lower BMI. Another study on Inuit adults also found that cannabis users were less likely to be obese.

The research suggests that cannabis may even help you lose weight. Since getting high can often increase your heart rate, it may increase energy expenditure and therefore boost your metabolism. While you shouldn’t go overboard when hit by the munchies, it seems that you won’t need to worry too much about those late-night snacks while you’re high.

Cannabis Can Reduce Anxiety

4. Cannabis Can Reduce Anxiety By 58%

Cannabis can have many medical benefits for users. While many use it for physical benefits such as relief for pain, inflammation, headaches, and migraines, it can also have mental health benefits. Research shows that cannabis can be especially helpful for symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

A study on using cannabis for mood disorders found that not only does cannabis help, but the benefits are extra swift and effective. Usually, it only took users a couple of puffs to rapidly reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. While it may not act as a cure, it can help put users in a positive mood, boost motivation, and improve sleep.

The study noted that users perceived a 58% reduction in anxiety and stress after using cannabis. Users also reported a 50% reduction in symptoms of depression. These results suggest that cannabis can help significantly alleviate symptoms of these disorders and help users improve their quality of life.

5. The Legal Cannabis Market Could Be Worth $66.3 Billion

With cannabis now becoming more common for both medical and recreational use, the market is set to grow enormously over the next few years. Cannabis and the United States have led the way in terms of legally accessible marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. However, many other countries also have medical marijuana programs or even legal weed.

According to a report by Grand View Research Inc., the legal marijuana market worldwide is expected to be worth a whopping USD 66.3 billion by 2025. That’s around $87.8 billion in Canadian dollars. As marijuana continues to become more popular in legal countries, and more countries begin to see the benefits of legalization, the market is expected to expand significantly.

It’s a great time for investors who want to look into marijuana stocks. It’s also a good time for consumers, with marijuana becoming more and more accepted. Even in many countries where marijuana is illegal, CBD has arisen as a popular alternative.

The Legal Cannabis Market


Marijuana is on the rise, and these statistics show just how many benefits it can have. Both medical marijuana patients and doctors vouch for the benefits of medical marijuana, and studies show it can help with all kinds of symptoms. The legal market is also on the rise, expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.

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