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5 Reasons to Buy Marijuana Online

Why Should You Buy Weed Online?

The easiest way to buy premium quality cannabis is through an online dispensary. Gone are the days wasting time in line at a dispensary, feeling unsure about the product, or having too few choices. BudexpressNOW is an online marijuana marketplace based in British Columbia, Canada’s cannabis capital. You can legally buy dozens of medicinal strains and marijuana-derived products right from home.

1. Get highest quality strains


Staying true to our values, we carry the most potent and effective pot sourced from trusted Canadian growers. Our in-house inspection and strict no pesticide rule ensures you’re smoking the highest grade marijuana available in the market. Low quality weed is likely to do more harm than good. Before our products are made available to buy, they are tested rigorously for quality assurance and medical potency.

2.  A large selection of weed


Online dispensaries operate out of a warehouse that can hold more pot product than your local dispensary. How often have you walked in, ready to buy your bud, only to see that their sold out of the only sativa they carry? BudExpressNOW caters to a larger and more diverse crowd, which simply means you have more options than ever before. Not only can you expect dozens of sativa, indica and hybrid strains, but also an array of edibles if you choose to eat your way to your desired high.


3.  Buying online is convenient


If you don’t live near a dispensary, travel and wait time combined turns buying weed into a chore. With the time saved by shopping online, you have the option research the strains that would suit your needs best. At BudExpressNOW you’re encouraged to reach out to our support team by emailing [email protected] with any questions. For those smoking medicinally to treat anxiety or depression, online shopping means no need to leave the comfort of home to feel better. Recreational pot users don’t have to worry about getting a doctor’s note or filling out paperwork if they buy online.


4. Online dispensaries are technically legal


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced a bill last spring to legalize recreational use of marijuana by the summer of 2018. Until you can waltz into a storefront run by the Canadian government to buy your weed, ordering online is the most discreet way to purchase cannabis.

By shopping online, you eliminate the risk of anyone seeing you walking in or out of a dispensary. Plus, the marijuana is coming out of British Columbia, so it’s not crossing any borders to get to your Canadian address. At BudExpressNOW, our packaging is totally smell proof and gives no indication of the product inside.


5.  The best prices for cannabis are online


Our inventory carries marijuana strains and derived products for any budget, from Pink Lady at $3/gram to Cannabis Tincture priced at $60. Since we carry our products in larger volumes than a local dispensary, we can offer cannabis at the lowest prices possible.

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