5 Tips for Storing Cannabis Extracts

5 Tips for Storing Cannabis Extracts

The different kinds of cannabis products available today continue to grow, and one popular type of product is cannabis extracts. Cannabis extracts are also known as cannabis concentrates. This refers to products such as shatter, wax, budder, hash, and oil which are extracted from cannabis and condensed into a high-THC form. These can last for quite a while providing you know the best tips for storing cannabis extracts.

Storage is important when it comes to any kind of cannabis concentrate. You’ll want to ensure that you protect them from heat, moisture, and air. Storing extracts poorly can result in them degrading fast. But if you store them correctly, they can maintain their quality and potency for several months. Here are five of the best tips for storing cannabis extracts.

1. Choose a Suitable Container

When you store your cannabis extracts, it’s important to choose the right kind of container. There are many choices when it comes to storing cannabis, and usually, the best approach for storing weed is in glass jars or cannabis humidors. However, choosing the right storage is even more important with cannabis extracts.

Different kinds of cannabis concentrates are better suited to different kinds of storage. For instance, shatter might stick to a glass jar whereas oils and resins are easier to scoop out of it. Choosing a size-appropriate container is also important- the less room there is for air to accumulate, the better it will be for maintaining the quality of your extracts.

The best storage method for cannabis extracts is usually in small, silicone containers. These are well-suited for practically any kind of cannabis concentrate and can keep it safe from air, moisture, and humidity. Plastic containers are sometimes used, but these are generally better for short-term use. Glass containers are another useful option that usually works well.

Choose a Suitable Container for weed

2. Use Parchment Paper

For an extra layer of protection when you store your cannabis extracts, use parchment paper. Parchment paper is useful for keeping your concentrates cool, dry, and moisture-free. It’s cheap and you only need a small amount of parchment paper to wrap around your extracts.

The best approach is to split your concentrates up into smaller pieces and wrap parchment paper around them. You might want to split them up into individual servings- that way, you can easily take one out, unwrap it, and use it instantly.

Parchment paper is better suited to some concentrates than others. For instance, it’s particularly useful for solid extracts such as hash and shatter. It’s also best to store your wrapped concentrates in a proper container. Using both parchment paper and a glass or silicone container is an excellent method for extending the shelf life of your cannabis extracts.

3. Keep Your Extracts in a Cool, Dry Place

While choosing the right kind of storage container for your cannabis extracts is important, it’s also important to store your containers in the right place. Specifically, you’ll want to stash your extracts in a cool, dry place.

There are a few things which can quickly degrade the quality of your extracts- air, water, humidity, and light. As such, you’ll need to pick a place where you can keep your concentrates safe from these factors. For instance, putting your containers near a window is a bad idea as it exposes them to light and humidity.

The best approach is to keep them in a drawer or cupboard where they’re not exposed to excessive light, heat or air. Only take them out when you need to take your concentrates out and put them back in afterwards. This can help with maintaining the quality of your extracts for a much longer time.

Keep Your Extracts in a Cool, Dry Place

4. Avoid Any Moisture

One of the most important tips for storing cannabis extracts properly is to keep them away from any moisture. Dampness can speed up the degradation process and even cause mold to grow on your extracts. Therefore, it’s essential to keep them moisture-free.

Part of this comes down to making sure your containers are dry. For instance, if you wash out a glass jar before putting your extracts in it, make sure you dry it thoroughly with paper towels. It’s also important to make sure no water gets into your containers. Keep them away from damp areas and anywhere near water.

As long as you keep them somewhere cool and dry, you shouldn’t have to worry too much. While storing extracts in the fridge is sometimes recommended, this is generally better for products like cannabis tinctures. Refrigerating your containers of extracts can sometimes cause moisture to creep in in certain temperatures.

5. Don’t Store Them for Too Long

Although you can keep cannabis extracts for quite a while using the right storage methods, it’s generally best not to stash them away for too long. Marijuana naturally degrades over time, and if you store them for too long, you may end up with less potent products.

As time wears on, the terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis products degrade, meaning they’ll become weaker and less flavorful. According to research, cannabis usually degrades by around 17% after a year and exponentially more in subsequent years.

Making the effort to store your cannabis extracts properly and keeping them away from heat and moisture will extend the shelf-life of your products for several months. However, for the most part, you shouldn’t keep them stored away for over a year. It’s best to only store extracts when you need to and use them as soon as possible.

Don’t Store Extracts for Too Long


Cannabis extracts are a great product to use thanks to their high potency and purity. However, if you want to maintain that high quality, it’s important to use the proper storage methods. Using a quality glass or silicone container and keeping it in a cool, dry place will help. It can also help to wrap your extracts in some parchment paper. 

Don’t keep them for too long- degradation can happen over time naturally, but using these tips for storing cannabis extracts will help maintain their potency for much longer. Whether you prefer shatter, wax, hash or other kinds of concentrates, you can now buy cannabis extracts online for delivery all over Canada.


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