5 Ways to Determine Cannabis Quality

There are a variety of different cannabis plants. Each plant falls under a different category, strain, THC level, and many other indicators of quality. In order to determine the cannabis quality, you must examine the buds as well as how they make you feel. Some smokers look for colour, taste, density, THC levels and smell. Here are a few ways to determine cannabis quality.

Qualities of Marijuana strains



Although smell is more often a preference-based factor, the scent of a marijuana bud can help you determine the quality of the strain you might have been interested in. The potency of the scent is often correlated to the potency of the bud. A strain like Girl Scout Cookies has a sweet, earthy aroma like cookies. It leaves you with an uplifting body rush and cerebral buzz, and helps with severe pain, nausea and appetite loss.


Your taste buds come in handy when wanting to determine the cannabis quality. Smokers believe that the taste could really change the effect of your high, others believe that the taste has absolutely nothing to do with it. We all enjoy different foods and depending on the seasoning we can determine what we truly enjoy and not enjoy. With weed, tasting is a huge advantage. With a strain like UK Cheese you can already picture that your taste buds will be getting really cheesy. The strain actually leaves you with a berry taste and a hint of spicy cheese; you would have to taste it in order to determine its potency and acquired taste.


Every flower has a beautiful tone to it, some are just plain green. Some flowers have a hint of red, orange, purple, blue, or pink. This is how weed sometimes gets their names. Most smokers like to buy their marijuana due to the colour because some believe that the darker the colour the more potent it will be. For example, Alien OG has a hint of brown and orange which gives it a citrusy vibe and colour tone to it. This weed is not for beginners as it has a very cerebral kick and body buzz due to its THC levels being 28%.

THC Levels

Depending on the smoker, they will always buy their cannabis depending on the THC levels of the cannabis strain. When the smoker knows what the THC percentage is they are more likely to understand the quality of the strain they are smoking. For most weed strains they divide from sativa, indica and hybrid that are then divided into different THC percentages. The strain called Tuna Kush is known for its potency of the skunk smell and for the high 20% of THC level. With this percentage the smoker knows that they will be smoking something potent with a deep high, cerebral and body.


Cannabis strains differ from all shapes and sizes as well as density. Some weed smokers have purchased strains that are less then a gram when in reality it is three grams. This happens when the flower is grown at a different speed and how it is fertilized. Some flowers have appeared to be smaller/bigger then usual giving the strain more colour or smell. The strain Nuken is known for its density, it appears to be small but the buds are covered in a blanket of crystal resin. Nuken has a powerful smell to it but it will still leave you with the ability to be with your friends and/or enjoy your hobbies.

Although these are only some of the ways you can determine the cannabis quality there are other strains that follow under these categories. As well as for some strains that are CBD, such as harlequin and sour tsunami leaving you with a very chill and moderate high.

You can purchase these strains or other strains that may be some of your ultimate favourite psychedelics or body buzz! Good luck on being able to find a strain that will make it easier for you or another smoker to experience!

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