6 Foods That Can Increase Your Cannabis High

6 Foods That Can Increase Your Cannabis High

Marijuana and food often go hand-in-hand. Many marijuana users love to chow down on their favorite snacks when they get the munchies, not to mention all the delicious marijuana edibles that give you even stronger effects. However, did you know that various foods can enhance your cannabis high?

Much like strains of weed, many foods naturally contain terpenes. These organic compounds often work well in unison with the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis, causing a range of entourage effects. As such, some foods can make your high stronger, last-longer or simply bring out more of the medical benefits. Here are 6 foods that can increase your cannabis high.

1. Mangoes

If you’re looking for a healthy way to pair food and marijuana, then mangoes are one of the best choices. Fruits often go well with marijuana, especially as they contain many of the same terpenes and some strains even have fruit-like flavors. What’s more, some fruits can even enhance your high.

Mangoes are one of the best foods that can increase your cannabis high. They’re packed with terpenes- especially myrcene. These terpenes bind to cannabinoid receptors in your body and can speed up the onset of your high as well as making the effects last longer.

If you want to test the effects for yourself, try eating some mango slices or drinking some mango juice before getting high. The best way to enjoy it is by pairing it with a fruity citrus-flavored strain such as Fruity Pebbles or Lemon Haze


2. Nuts

Another type of food that goes great with weed is nuts. Nuts are one of the healthiest snacks you can get, making them a fantastic replacement for pizza or chips when you get the munchies. What’s more, nuts can also enhance your high.

Nuts are especially high in Omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fatty acids bind to cannabinoids and help them pass through the blood-brain barrier faster. Much like mangoes, they’ll help you get high faster and get high for longer.

They also help with some of the medical benefits of cannabis. Nuts are great for maintaining a healthy heart and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. They can also help improve cognitive function. Try pairing some almonds, peanuts or pine nuts with a sativa strain like Durban Poison for a sensational head high.

3. Broccoli

If you’re looking for foods that can help with the medical benefits of cannabis, then broccoli is one of the best foods you can eat. Broccoli packs high levels of beta-caryophyllene, a terpene also found in cannabis that’s known for helping with inflammation.

The beta-caryophyllene in broccoli binds to CB2 receptors in the body and has a synergistic effect with the terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis. Along with reducing inflammation, it can also help with chronic pain and depression.

While you’re unlikely to munch on broccoli when the munchies hit you, you might want to add some to your dinner before a smoking session. Try lighting up an indica strain like Death Bubba afterward for an especially relaxing and soothing high.


4. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are another one of the best healthy foods to use alongside cannabis. Sweet potatoes are packed with nutritional value and can help contribute to a healthy body. They can also help improve your mood.

One of the main benefits of sweet potatoes is that they’re full of Vitamin E and B Vitamins. These vitamins help increase serotonin production in the brain, therefore putting you in a much better mood. What’s more, sweet potatoes are full of complex carbohydrates that can help boost energy levels and mental focus.

Research shows that cannabis can help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression almost instantly. Combine this with the mood-boosting effects of sweet potatoes and you’ll get an extra positive and uplifting high. Try eating some sweet potato with your meal before smoking a sativa-dominant hybrid such as Pink Lady for a great high.

5. Tea

Of course, it’s not just foods that can increase your cannabis high. You can also enhance the effects of weed by drinking certain beverages. For instance, one of the best ways to boost your cannabis high is to drink tea before or even during smoking.

Tea is known for being exceptionally healthy, especially as it’s packed with antioxidants. Some of these antioxidants- known as catechins- bind to CB1 receptors in the brain and induce a calming and soothing effect. And while drinking tea by itself can be soothing enough, smoking weed as well as drinking tea will give you one of the most relaxing highs you’ve ever felt.

Green tea is the best option for use with weed as it contains particularly high levels of catechins. However, pretty much all kinds of tea can help with peace and relaxation. You might even want to make Weed Tea from your leftover stems to enjoy these effects even more.


6. Wine

Getting high and drunk usually don’t mix well- although some users enjoy the intoxicating effect. However, drinking a small serving of alcohol with your weed can work wonders. For instance, try drinking a glass of wine next time you get high.

Interestingly, a study found that even consuming a small dose of alcohol before smoking weed can significantly increase the levels of THC and 11-hydroxy-THC in your body. In other words, drinking before smoking will get you extra high.

You can try this with any kind of alcohol whether you prefer beer, cider or cocktails. However, wine is usually the best option. Wine is known for being calming, high in antioxidants, and surprisingly good for your health. Enjoy a glass of red wine with a joint of Black Diamond for a luxuriously relaxing high.


Whether you need something to eat before getting high or a snack to make your high stronger when the munchies hit, these are some of the best foods to pair with weed. Of course, there are plenty of other foods that can boost your high and it’s well worth experimenting to see which you enjoy the best. If you’re looking for a great strain of weed to enjoy with your favorite foods, you can find plenty of prime choices at BudExpressNow.net.


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