Marijuana Detox Tips

6 Marijuana Detox Tips

If you feel like your marijuana use has become excessive, it might be time for a marijuana detox. More commonly, users detox from cannabis when they have a big drug test coming up and need to cleanse their system of THC. A detox can also help regular users improve their tolerance so there are benefits all round to detoxing.

Anyone can have a successful marijuana detox if they follow a few simple tips. There are various different approaches depending on what exactly your goals are, and there are even products to help you detox. Here are six effective marijuana detox tips to help you cleanse your body of cannabis.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

The most important factor for a marijuana detox is also the easiest- drink more water. Water isn’t just healthy for your body and mind, but it can also help cleanse your system of any leftover THC metabolites from marijuana use.

Drinking water will cause you to urinate more. This is especially important before a drug test as you have to flush out as much THC as possible. Studies suggest that urination and excretion can help flush out around 80-90% of the THC in your body within around 5 days. Although traces still remain for longer, the more water you drink the better.

Many users aiming to pass a drug test also find water useful to dilute their urine, giving THC less chance of being detected. With that said, you will have to do a few other things to avoid your test being flagged. But no matter what the reason for your detox, drinking 2 liters of water or more each day will help.

Drink Plenty of Water

2. Cut Down Your Usage

It might go without saying, but cutting down your usage will make it much easier to quit marijuana. While regular users may find it difficult to quit cold turkey, smoking less and less till you don’t crave marijuana anymore is a highly effective approach.

Luckily, marijuana doesn’t have the physically addictive qualities of things like cigarettes and alcohol. That means that, no matter how much you smoke, you won’t get any nasty withdrawal symptoms. With that said, some users can develop a dependence on cannabis and the more you cut your marijuana usage out, the less you’ll feel like you need it.

If you need to quit fast, stop buying marijuana. Even if you don’t plan on quitting altogether, a break will boost your tolerance, ensure you don’t fail future drug tests, and may even improve your wellbeing if you’ve been overusing it.

3. Take B Vitamins and Creatine

There are also certain vitamins which can help you detox- especially if you’re trying to pass a drug test fast. B Vitamins are the most important. Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin B3 help eliminate any toxins from the body, including marijuana metabolites. B Vitamins also turn your urine yellow- this can help those trying to pass a drug test as clear urine can often raise suspicion.

Taking a daily dose of B Vitamins can help anyone trying to detox their system. In addition to cleansing marijuana from your body, Vitamin B also improves your metabolism, reduces blood pressure, and can even boost your mood.

Creatine is also useful for those who want to detox before a drug test. Drug tests often test for creatinine in samples, as a lack of it often suggests the user is trying to hide the THC in their system. Taking creatine in the days leading up to a drug test is another approach that can help you pass.

Eat Healthy and Exercise

4. Eat Healthy and Exercise

Eating healthy has multiple benefits when it comes to detoxing. When you smoke a lot, you may be more prone to grabbing unhealthy junk food when the munchies come around. Once you start eating healthy, you’ll feel better and feel the need for marijuana less.

What’s more, eating foods high in fiber and protein can boost your metabolism and act as diuretics. That means you’ll flush more and more THC out of your system when you go to the toilet.

Exercise can also help. You’ll sweat out toxins and the rush of endorphins is a great natural high. You may want to avoid this if you know you have a drug test coming up within the week as exercising can sometimes release more THC metabolites stored in fat cells into your system.

5. Use Diuretics

If you want to get THC out of your system super fast, diuretics are one way to do so. These should generally be avoided, although some users with upcoming drug tests find them helpful to cleanse their bodies beforehand.

While you can get super effective over-the-counter or prescription diuretics, natural diuretics are usually healthier and can work just as well. For instance, many users simply drink more cranberry juice to speed up excretion.

Diuretics will usually leave you more dehydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water if you use diuretics to keep your system in check.

Marijuana Home Detox Kit

6. Buy a Home Detox Kit

For an all-out approach, you can often find marijuana detox kits in head shops and online stores. These usually contain everything you need to pass a drug test fast, including the right vitamins, detox drinks, and even home testing kits to ensure your system is clean.

These are generally designed for those who have a drug test coming up fast. They can help you flush more THC out of your system as well as masking THC in your urine.

With that said, even if you’re on a detox for personal reasons, these kits can help speed up the process and allow you to check your progress. If you don’t mind spending the money, they can be useful for anyone.


Taking a marijuana detox can have various benefits. You can reduce psychological dependence, improve your tolerance, and make it much easier to pass a drug test. While some go to extreme lengths when they have a test coming up, you can take a long-term detox for a more relaxed approach. Nonetheless, these marijuana detox tips will help you cleanse your system and, who knows, you may even enjoy cannabis, edibles, and other products more after the break.


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