8 Things You Need To Know About Eating Marijuana Edibles

8 Things You Need To Know About Eating Marijuana Edibles

If you want the most potent psychoactive effects possible and a high that can last for hours on end, then eating marijuana edibles is the best option. Marijuana edibles are food products infused with marijuana. They give you all of the same effects as smoking or vaping marijuana, only they’ll be much more potent and intense. Whether you want sustained medical effects or one of the most extreme recreational highs, edibles can help.

However, there are some essential things you need to know before eating marijuana edibles. Since they produce much stronger effects, they need to be handled with caution and knowing the right dosage and what to expect is crucial. Edibles can take a couple of hours to kick in and can last as long as 12 hours, meaning that if you take too much, you could end up having a seriously bad trip.

Eating marijuana edibles can be a lot of fun if you use them wisely. The long-lasting high can be a fascinating experience for marijuana fans, and medical users can also benefit from the super long-lasting medical relief. Here are some of the most important things you need to know about eating marijuana edibles before you try them.

1. Marijuana Edibles Take A While To Kick In

If you’re used to smoking weed, you’re probably used to the effects of marijuana hitting you almost instantly. Vaping weed is similarly fast, with most strains producing effects straight away. When you inhale marijuana, the THC takes effect in your body incredibly fast, making it a quick and convenient way to get high. On the other hand, you may be waiting for a couple of hours to get high from edibles.

Marijuana Edibles take longer to kick in than smoking or vaping marijuana. Your body must first digest and convert the THC before it reaches your system. Usually, you’ll have to wait for around 30-90 minutes before you even start to feel the effects of edibles.

Marijuana Edibles Take A While To Kick In

The length of time it takes for edibles to kick in can vary depending on a few factors. For instance, some food products are quicker to digest and some users have faster metabolisms. However, in comparison to other methods of ingestion, you will have to wait a while to get high.

It’s important to wait for marijuana edibles to take effect before you even consider taking more. Although they take a while to get you high, edibles are incredibly strong. Some users make the mistake of taking more before the high kicks in as they believe the edibles are too weak. However, if you take too much, you’ll end up with uncomfortable effects for hours.

2. Edibles Are Stronger Than Smoking Marijuana

Eating marijuana edibles is much different than other methods of consumption. Not only do they take longer to have an effect, but they also hit you much harder than smoking or vaping marijuana. In fact, taking marijuana edibles results in one of the strongest psychoactive highs you can get, making them a favorite for veteran users looking for something more intense.

When you eat marijuana edibles, your body digests the THC and your liver converts it into 11-hydroxy-THC, a much stronger form of the chemical. While you’ll still get the same euphoric and stimulating effects you get from other methods of consumption, they’ll be much more intense than you’re used to.

It’s important to know what to expect when you take marijuana edibles. The high can be intense even for experienced users, and you may want to take them with a sitter for the first time you use them. However, if you’re prepared, edibles can be an extremely enjoyable and unique psychoactive experience.

Edibles Are Stronger Than Smoking Marijuana

3. The High From Edibles Lasts For Many Hours

One of the other unique things about eating marijuana edibles in comparison to smoking marijuana is just how long the high lasts for. Although you will have to wait for an hour or two to feel the effects, once they kick in, they’ll stick around for a very long time.

A study found that the effects of edibles usually come on around 30-90 minutes after consumption. However, the effects last for anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. Some users even report feeling mild residual effects for up to 24 hours. While the high from smoking marijuana generally peaks at around 15-30 minutes after use, the effects of edibles peak at 2-3 hours after consumption, and you’ll still feel high for longer. 

It’s important to only use edibles when you have plenty of time to spare. Taking them on days when you need to be productive or go out in public can be a bad idea, especially as you could be high for 12 hours. However, you can control how high you get by controlling your dosage.

4. It Only Takes A Small Dose Of Edibles To Get High

Since marijuana edibles are so strong, you don’t need to eat a lot to get high. It’s important not to make the mistake of wolfing down too many marijuana gummies or brownies in one go- especially since it only takes a small dose of edibles for long-lasting effects.

Edibles are usually split into small servings of THC to make it easy to control your dosage. Usually, a dose of 10mg of THC is plenty for beginner users. Even if you’re used to smoking a lot of weed, it’s best to start with a low dose when you take edibles. The effects are much stronger than smoking even for experienced users.

When you buy marijuana edibles, make sure you check how much THC they contain. Gummies are usually particularly easy to use as they come in 10mg servings. However, with products such as THC Chocolate Bars and Brownies, you may need to split them into smaller pieces to get a sensible dose.

You can also microdose with edibles. If you want milder effects, splitting your edibles into small doses of around 2.5mg-5mg of THC is ideal. You’ll still get the same long-lasting effects but they’ll be much more manageable. It’s a great approach for users who want sustained medical benefits or those who want to get high but still be functional.

Edibles Provide Powerful Medical Effects

5. Edibles Provide Powerful Medical Effects

Many users eat marijuana edibles for the potent recreational high. Edibles stimulate the mind and heighten the senses, making everything seem more colorful and enjoyable. They also give you a strong body high that’s ideal for deep relaxation. But they’re not just great for recreational use- medical users can also benefit from edibles.

The physical effects of edibles can help with issues such as pain, nausea, headaches, migraines, and muscle spasms. They provide soothing relief all over your body. The strong effects are particularly useful for chronic and severe conditions. For instance, those suffering from nagging joint pain and migraines can benefit from the long-lasting therapeutic effects.

Meanwhile, they can also help boost your mood and stimulate your mind to ward off issues such as stress and depression. However, it’s best to use a small amount as high doses may result in increased anxiety.

The best way to use edibles for medical relief is by microdosing. Splitting edibles up into small doses of around 2.5mg to 5mg can still give you long-lasting effects without being too overwhelming. As such, it’s a good way to get the potent medical effects of edibles without getting too high.

6. Marijuana Edibles Come In Many Forms

There’s a huge amount of variety available when it comes to marijuana edibles. All kinds of foods can be infused with THC from tasty marijuana brownies to convenient weed gummies. You can even find marijuana drinks such as THC-infused tea and hot cocoa mixes, making for incredible health beverages.

Not only do marijuana edibles come in the form of various foods, but they can also come with different levels of cannabinoids. While regular marijuana edibles are packed with THC, you can also use CBD edibles. These are a great alternative option for users who want purely medical effects without getting high.

Some edibles even come infused with both THC and CBD. These are great for users who want both recreational and medical effects. THC and CBD work in conjunction to provide powerful medical relief along with a long-lasting and enjoyable high. With so many edibles to choose from, it’s worth trying a few out to see what you like best.

You Can Buy Marijuana Edibles Online

7. You Can Buy Marijuana Edibles Online

Currently, you won’t find marijuana edibles in Canada cannabis stores. However, if you want to try out the incredible effects of edibles, you can buy edibles online safely and discreetly. These products are available for delivery all over Canada and plenty of options are available. Here are some of the popular marijuana edibles you can buy online.

Ed & Bills Watermelons – For a straightforward, tasty, THC-packed treat try out these watermelon gummies from Ed & BIlls. With 20 gummies each containing 10mg of THC, you get a whopping 200mg of THC for just $30. 

Ed & Bills Coke Bottles – If you enjoy gummy coke bottles, then these delicious THC edibles are perfect for you. Each gummy contains 10mg of THC, making it easy to get a perfect dose. Plus, with 20 gummies in each pack, you can make these last for a while.

Ed & Bills Sour Gummy Bears – If you prefer sour gummies, then try out these tasty sour gummy bears from Ed & Bills. Each pack contains various mouth-watering fruit flavors and you get 20 candies in each pack, each with a 10mg dose of THC.

Ed & Bills The Honey Pot – For something a little different, try out Ed & Bills The Honey Pot. This pot of sweet, marijuana-infused honey contains 200mg, but you only need a little bit for strong effects. You can sprinkle it on pancakes, cereal, yogurt or even add it to drinks such as tea or coffee for amazing effects.

Ed & Bills Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies – For a more traditional edible marijuana treat, check out Ed & Bills Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies. Each one of these contains 40mg, and with four in each pack, you get a total of 160mg of THC. It’s also easy to split them into halves for a smaller dose of 20mg of THC.

Ed & Bills Granola Bar – Another great option is these delicious granola bars from Ed & Bills. Each bar contains 100mg of THC but is easy enough to split into smaller doses. It’s available in two flavors- Cinnamon Crunch and S’Mores. With each bar costing just $13, you might want to buy a couple.

8. You Can Make Your Own Marijuana Edibles

Although there are many kinds of marijuana edibles available to buy, you might want to try making edibles at home. It’s fun, rewarding, and you can get as creative as you want. There are a few different ways to make marijuana edibles, some of which are easier than others.

Some users create homemade edibles by making cannabis-infused butter. The whole process can take a few hours and involves heating your weed to decarboxylate before infusing it into butter. However, cannabutter can be used in all kinds of easy and delicious marijuana edible recipes, making it a popular option. For more information on how to make cannabis butter, check out our recipe for the perfect marijuana butter.

You Can Make Your Own Marijuana Edibles

For an easier way to make marijuana edibles, you can simply infuse food products with marijuana tinctures. Tinctures are usually used by applying them under the tongue, but they can also work by taking them orally. You can sprinkle some THC Tincture on top of foods or infuse it into cannabis recipes. Tinctures are also perfect for adding to drinks such as coffee, tea, smoothies, and even cocktails for a potent cannabis-infused beverage.


Marijuana edibles can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to know these things before you use them. If you’re using edibles for the first time, remember to start with a small dose and allow a couple of hours for the effects to kick in. 

Edibles offer one of the most powerful psychoactive experiences, but there are plenty of other options available for users who want something different. From regular cannabis strains to convenient tinctures, you can find all the marijuana products you need available for delivery at BudExpressNow.ca.


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