8 Ways to Keep Marijuana From Smelling up Your Home

8 Ways to Keep Marijuana From Smelling up Your Home

It’s easy to love the effects of marijuana. Smoking weed can heighten your senses, make you feel happy and euphoric, relax you physically, and even help with a range of physical and mental symptoms. But while you might love the effects of marijuana, not everyone loves the smell that often lingers behind.

Each marijuana strain is packed with terpenoids that give off a unique smell and taste. Not only do these impact the flavor of your buds when you smoke or vape them, but they can also leave behind a powerful scent. As such, you might want to take a few measures to keep marijuana from smelling up your home.

There are various approaches to avoiding the lingering smell of marijuana. For instance, sometimes it’s as simple as ventilating your room while you smoke. In some situations, you might find it more practical to mask the smell of marijuana with other smells. The type of products you use will also have an impact and you can even avoid the scent of marijuana altogether in some cases.

If you’re looking to avoid the stench of weed lingering after you smoke, here are some of the best ways to keep marijuana from smelling up your home.

1. Open The Windows Before You Smoke

If you’re about to smoke in your house and want to avoid leaving behind a pungent scent, then it’s important to choose the right area of your house. Ideally, you want to smoke somewhere that’s well-ventilated with plenty of air coming in and out. This will help dissipate the smell more quickly so you’re not left with a room that smells of weed.

The best thing you can do if you’re smoking indoors is crack open any nearby windows. This might seem like common sense, but forgetting to do so or simply neglecting to ventilate the room as much as possible can quickly result in a stinky house. Make sure you do this anytime you plan to smoke.

To reduce the smell more, sit next to the window while you’re smoking. You can blow the weed smoke out of the window so it doesn’t stay in the house. Not only will this help you avoid leaving behind a stench, but it also helps avoid smoke damage to the walls or anything else inside your house.

You should also add some extra ventilation if you can. For instance, turning a fan on while you smoke can help blow the smoke away and dissipate the smell. A dehumidifier can also help reduce the moisture in the air and contribute to reducing the smell. Whichever way, make sure you smoke somewhere that’s well-ventilated if you smoke indoors.

Smoke Outdoors Instead Of Inside

2. Smoke Outdoors Instead Of Inside

Some people might find themselves in situations where smoking indoors is the best option or even their only option. However, when possible, it’s much better to smoke your weed outdoors instead of inside, especially if you want to keep marijuana from smelling up your home.

When you smoke indoors, you’ll need to find somewhere that’s well-ventilated with plenty of air to dissipate the smell. When you smoke outdoors, none of this is a worry. If you’re outside in the open air, the smell will naturally be blown away so you’re not left with a lingering scent in your home.

It’s important to remember that most places still have legal restrictions on where you can smoke. Some provinces allow users to smoke marijuana anywhere where tobacco is permitted, but others are more restricted. You might want to check your provincial laws to see where you can smoke. Fortunately, you can smoke in an outdoor area of your house no matter where you are.

If you have a balcony, it’s the perfect place to smoke. You can smoke outdoors in the open air without leaving a scent behind in your house. If you don’t have a balcony, you might want to smoke in your backyard or a secluded outdoor area by your house. You might still end up with your hair and clothes smelling on weed, but the impact on your house will be significantly reduced.

3. Cover The Smell With Spray Or Cologne

While smoking somewhere well-ventilated is generally the best way to avoid lingering marijuana scents in your home, another approach is to simply mask the smell. There are many ways you can cover up the smell of your weed in your house after smoking and this is a useful approach when you want to get rid of the smell fast.

Sometimes, simply spraying some Febreeze or another air freshener product can help immediately mask the smell of weed. Spray it around your room whenever you smoke and you can help get rid of the smell much quicker.

If you want a slightly more pleasant scent, try spraying some cologne, perfume, or body spray. That way you can mask the smell of weed with one of your favorite scents. You’ll still be left with a lingering scent, but it’ll be an enjoyable and alluring scent instead of a dank marijuana smell.

You can apply the same approach with pretty much any type of aerosol that leaves behind a strong scent. As well as spraying the room after you smoke, you might also want to spray yourself- the smell of marijuana smoke often clings to your hair and your clothes.

Store Your Cannabis In A Sealed Container

4. Store Your Cannabis In A Sealed Container

Naturally, most users are more concerned with the scent that cannabis leaves behind after smoking it. However, cannabis can also leave behind a strong scent if it’s simply left out in the open. This highlights the importance of storing your weed properly.

If you leave your weed outside of a sealed container, not only will the scent be more prominent, but your weed will also degrade more quickly. Cannabis needs to be stored efficiently so that the terpenes and cannabinoids won’t break down, resulting in your weed retaining its freshness, flavor, and potency.

There are many ways you can store cannabis, but the best approach is to use a sealed container. For example, you can simply use glass Mason jars to store weed. They’re sealable and hold all the freshness inside while reducing any damage from oxygen or moisture. You can also use a Cannabis Humidor or even a wooden or metal stash box.

No matter what kind of container you use for storing your weed, make sure you put it in a cool and dry place. This will keep it away from light, heat, air, and moisture- all factors that can lead to your weed degrading faster. If you store your cannabis effectively, it’ll retain its potency and freshness for a much longer time.

5. Wash Your Hair And Clothes After

When you smoke marijuana, it isn’t just the room that ends up smelling. Many times, it’s the lingering scent of weed that clings to your clothes and hair that catches people out. Whether you’re looking to smoke discreetly or just don’t want the smell of marijuana lasting for too long after you’ve smoked, it’s a good idea to wash your hair and clothes.

If you’re worried about smelling of weed, simply hop in the shower and wash your hair and body thoroughly after smoking. Although going for a walk and being out in the open air can get rid of most of the smell, washing is the best way to make sure no scent is left behind.

Changing into fresh clothes will also help. The smell of weed can cling to your clothes for a while after smoking, so you might want to wash those clothes if you’re looking to avoid the smell of weed. While these steps aren’t essential, they can be helpful if you’re looking to reduce the smell of marijuana altogether.

Try Vaping Marijuana

6. Try Vaping Marijuana

Smoking weed is bound to leave behind a powerful smell. However, smoking isn’t the only way to enjoy cannabis. If you want a smokeless method of consumption that’s just as effective and convenient as smoking, you might want to try vaping marijuana.

Vaping marijuana involves using a device known as a Vaporizer or Vape Pen to heat your weed without producing any smoke. Instead, you get thick, flavorful vapor that’s full of THC and terpenes that you can then inhale for instant effects. It’s refreshing, enjoyable, and even though the vapor is flavorful, you’ll leave behind less lingering smells.

There are various other reasons to use a vaporizer. Many users who prefer to vape cannabis see it as a safer and more positive experience since you won’t be inhaling any unwanted chemicals and toxins like you would be if you smoked cannabis. Research shows that vaping cannabis even produces stronger effects as you’ll take in more THC.

You can vaporize weed using a Dry Herb Vaporizer or Vape Pen, but there are various other options too. You can also find devices capable of vaping Concentrates such as Shatter, Wax, and Live Resin. Alternatively, you might want to use Vape Pens designed for use with flavorful Vape Oils. These often have pleasant fruit flavors so you won’t leave behind the smell of weed.

7. Consider Marijuana Edibles

Another smokeless method of consumption you might want to consider is using marijuana edibles. These are food products that have been infused with the effects of marijuana, usually by decarboxylating weed to activate the THC before cooking it into butter or oil for use in all kinds of edible creations.

If you’re looking to keep the smell of marijuana out of your home, then using edibles can help. As long as you store them properly and don’t leave them out, you won’t leave behind a strong smell and you’ll get intense effects when you use them.

Edibles work quite differently from other marijuana products. When you smoke or vape marijuana, the effects hit you instantly and last for a few hours. In contrast, research shows that edibles can take 30-90 minutes for the effects to even kick in. However, once the effects kick in, you’ll experience an extra-strong high for anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. This is because your body converts THC to the stronger 11-hydroxy-THC when consumed orally.

You can buy edibles online and various options are available, from cannabis-infused cookies to gummies and candies packed with THC. Usually, THC edibles are split into helpful serving sizes of 10mg so you can get a strong psychoactive high without being too overwhelmed. You might even want to use a smaller dose for milder effects.

Consider Marijuana Edibles

8. Use Other Smokeless Marijuana Products

If you want to keep marijuana from smelling up your home, you also have various other options for how to use marijuana. While vaping and edibles can still leave behind a slight smell, some smokeless marijuana products won’t leave behind a scent whatsoever. These are perfect for those looking to get the effects of cannabis discreetly.

Cannabis Tinctures are perfect for users who want convenience and discretion while still getting strong effects. These are liquid products that allow you to measure out your desired dosage in a dropper and simply apply it under your tongue and hold it there for 30-90 seconds. You can absorb the cannabinoids from the tincture into your system and feel effects within around 20 minutes.

Capsules are another option. These are cannabis-infused products that you can simply swallow and wash down with some water to get the effects. Although you’ll need to allow some time for them to kick in, they’re effective and won’t leave a smell behind.

If you’re not worried about getting high, you could also try Topicals. You can use cannabis-infused topical products such as creams, balms, and lotions to apply the effects of cannabinoids directly to your skin. Most of these work on cannabinoid receptors in your skin without making you high, although Transdermal Patches can give you a mild high.


Although marijuana leaves a strong scent behind, there are many ways to keep marijuana from smelling up your home. Smoking outdoors is the best option, but if you need to smoke indoors then make sure you smoke somewhere where it’s well-ventilated and use some spray to mask the smell afterward.

Using alternative methods of consumption such as Vaping, Edibles, or Tinctures is also a great way to avoid any lingering weed smells. These methods won’t leave behind the same stench you’d get from smoking weed and have various other advantages. No matter how you prefer to consume marijuana, you can find all kinds of products online at BudExpressNow.


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