8 Ways To Smoke Weed Without Papers

8 Ways To Smoke Weed Without Papers

Most marijuana users reach for the rolling papers whenever they want a quick and easy way to smoke. After all, it only takes a few minutes to roll a joint and start enjoying the potent puffs of weed it gives you. However, whether you’re out of rolling papers or you simply want a more efficient way to smoke, there are many ways to smoke weed without papers.

Some of these options are even quicker and more convenient than using rolling papers. Some simply offer more enjoyability or a unique way to smoke. Whichever way, it’s well worth trying all of these methods to see which one works best for you. You might need to invest in some extra equipment, but experiencing a new way of consuming weed is worth the price.

Whether you decide to use a convenient smoking device such as a pipe or bong or even try vaping weed, all of these methods provide effective ways to get the effects of marijuana. Here’s a guide to some of the best ways to smoke weed without papers, how to try them, and the pros and cons of each method.

1. Pipe

If you want a convenient way to start enjoying your weed within minutes, then using a pipe is even more convenient than using rolling papers. You don’t have to go through the effort of rolling a joint every time you want to smoke. Using a pipe makes things even easier- simply load the bowl, light, and start taking hits.

A pipe is a portable smoking device that can come in many forms, but whichever way, it includes a bowl for your weed and a mouthpiece for inhaling the smoke. All you have to do is add some pieces of weed to the bowl, light the weed, and inhale through the mouthpiece. Many also contain a carb- a small hole that you hold to keep the smoke inside the pipe while inhaling and release when you’re satisfied.

There’s a great deal of variety when it comes to pipes. Whether you use a simple Spoon Pipe or a fancy Sherlock Pipe, there’s a kind of pipe suitable for every user. Along with a range of different shapes and styles, pipes can also come in different materials such as wood and metal. However, Glass Pipes are generally the best option for getting smooth, cool hits of weed.

Pipes are a great option for any user, especially as they’re so easy and convenient to use. Their portability makes it easy to use them to smoke your weed anywhere at any time. You can take as many or as few hits as you want from a pipe to get as high as you like. They’re also widely available and affordable. If you need one, you can buy a weed pipe online.


2. Bong

Another extremely popular way to smoke weed without papers is with a bong. A bong is similar to a pipe and is often even referred to as a water pipe. However, bongs are usually significantly larger than pipes and have the added feature of a water chamber. Your smoke is filtered through the water, giving you extremely cool smoke to inhale.

Like Pipes, Bongs can come in many forms. They usually look somewhat similar to a vase, only with a bowl and downstem that reaches into the base. You fill the base with water before smoking and load the bowl with weed. Once lit, the smoke travels through the water and up to the mouthpiece, giving you a smooth and potent hit of weed.

Bongs can come in many shapes and sizes. Mini Bongs are available for users who want something portable enough to travel with. However, many bongs are much larger, making them ideal for big, potent hits. Some bongs even come with extra features such as ice catchers and percolators- these make your marijuana smoke even more potent and pure.

The benefit of using a bong to smoke weed is that it purifies the smoke through water. Additionally, bongs usually have longer stems than pipes, leading to some of the purest and most potent marijuana hits. Bongs offer one of the quickest and easiest ways to smoke weed, making them great for all users.

3. Chillum (One-Hitter)

If you want something even smaller and craftier than a pipe, try a one-hitter. Also known as a Chillum, a One-Hitter is a tiny kind of pipe that looks a bit like a glass cigarette. As you can guess from the name, it’s not ideal for a long smoking session. However, it can come in clutch when you want a quick hit of weed.

Using a One-Hitter is exceptionally simple. Chillums come in the form of small, glass cylinders. All you need to do is pack your weed into one end of the pipe, light your weed, and inhale through the other end.

Although a Chillum is only good for one hit at a time, you can always repack it after each hit until you’re satisfied with your high. It’s simple, convenient, and even more discreet than a regular pipe or a bong.

4. Hookah

A Hookah is a traditional smoking device that originates from Medieval India. A Hookah is a tall, stationary piece of equipment that includes a water chamber, a large stem, a bowl on the top, and a long rubber hose (or multiple hoses) to smoke from. It provides a unique method to smoke weed without papers.

Although a hookah is designed for use with flavored tobacco (also known as shisha), many pot enthusiasts have repurposed hookah pipes as weed-smoking tools. You’ll need some coals to heat your herbs, but you can put weed in the bowl of your hookah and smoke it through the mouthpiece. It’s best to pack shisha under your weed- this will keep the weed moist for smoother burning.

Using a hookah for weed can provide a sensational experience. Much like smoking from a bong, your weed will be filtered through water and travel through a long stem to provide some amazing hits. What’s more, many hookah pipes have multiple hoses and mouthpieces, making for a fun way to smoke weed with friends.

With that said, hookah pipes aren’t designed for smoking weed and smoking through a hookah regularly may feel like overkill. It’s also harder to set up than using a pipe or bong, especially as you need charcoals for burning. It does offer a unique and interesting way to enjoy your marijuana, but you might want to use other options for extra convenience.


5. Vaporizer

For a safer, healthier, and more effective alternative to smoking weed, you might want to try vaporizing. Vaporizing involves using a device known as a vaporizer. A vaporizer heats your weed to create thick, inhalable vapor that you can then inhale. Interestingly, this vapor is produced without burning any of your products. As such, you won’t inhale any burning chemicals or toxins.

If you want to vape weed, you’ll need a vaporizer that’s compatible with dry herbs. Although you can get large, desktop vaporizers designed for home use, many users prefer to use Vape Pens. These are portable vaping devices that make it extra convenient to vape. You add your weed to the chamber of the vaporizer, set the temperature to a moderate or high heat, turn it on, and inhale the vapor produced from your weed.

Some vaporizers are also compatible with cannabis concentrates such as Shatter and Wax. These high-THC cannabis extracts can give you an even more powerful high. Many vaporizers can also be used with thin, vapable oils known as Vape Oils or Vape Juice. Some users use THC Vape Juice with their vaporizers as an alternative to weed.

According to surveys, many users consider vaping a safer alternative to smoking. Since you don’t have to inhale any burning smoke, it’s much easier on your lungs. However, the potential health benefits aren’t the only reason why you might prefer vaping over smoking. A 2018 study found that vaping weed also produces stronger effects than smoking weed. 

6. Water Bottle

Even if you don’t want to spend money on new smoking devices, you can make a homemade bong or pipe simply using objects you have around the house. One of the easiest types of homemade smoking devices you can make is the classic Water Bottle Bong. All you need is a water bottle, some foil, a pen, and some sellotape or blue-tack for sealing it up.

Take your water bottle, remove the cap and label, and burn a hole in the side about halfway up the bottle. Take an empty pen tube or something similar and stick it into the bottle, facing downwards to the bottom. Make a cone out of foil and place it at the other end of the tube- this will become your bowl. Seal the hole with sellotape or blue-tack and fill the bottom with a little water.

Just like that, you have a simple yet effective water bottle bong. Place a little weed in the foil bowl, light, and inhale through the mouthpiece at the top of the bottle. Just like a regular bong, the smoke will be filtered through the water in the base before it reaches your mouth.

The water bottle bong has many variations. For instance, if you have a bottle with a resealable cap or sports cap, you can repurpose it into the bowl. Simply make a hole in the side, place the cap in, wrap it in foil, use a needle to make holes in the foil, and it will become a water pipe. Whichever way, make sure you wrap aluminum foil around the bowl- you don’t want to inhale any burning plastic.

7. Apple Pipe

Another creative way to make a homemade smoking device requires nothing more than an apple, a pen, and a little craftiness. The Apple Pipe is another classic makeshift smoking tool that can give you surprisingly smooth airflow, making for a handy and effective way to smoke without papers.

Take your apple and cut out the core in a cone shape. Now, stick an empty pen tube through the side to create a hole that goes to the center. Make a hole through the top to meet the hole in the center and you’re as good as done. Now, when you place weed in the top of the apple and light it, you can inhale through the hole in the side.

You might want to make a couple of adjustments. Placing some foil with holes in it at the top can help you stop any ground weed from falling through. You might also want to make your hole in the side go all the way through to the other end- you can use the hole in the other side as a carb.

Regardless, an Apple Pipe offers an incredibly simple and convenient way to smoke without papers. Plus, once you learn how to make the Apple Pipe, you can get creative and start making pipes out of other fruits and vegetables like Pumpkins and Bell Peppers.

Apple Pipe

8. Corn Husks

Want a healthy, organic alternative to regular rolling papers? You might want to try rolling joints with Corn Husks. It might sound outlandish to some users, but Corn Husks are very popular for rolling in some parts of the world such as Jamaica.

Just like with rolling papers, Corn Husks are ideal for making a tightly-packed joint. You can fit plenty of weed between one of these and you’ll be surprised at how well they work for smoking. Corn Husks burn slowly, making them great for joints. Plus, since they’re all-natural, they’re also healthy to smoke from.

You might find rolling with Corn Husks a bit trickier than rolling with rolling papers. However, health-conscious users might even prefer these and they make for a great alternative option to rolling papers.


There are plenty of ways to smoke weed without papers. Some users might prefer to invest in quality smoking devices such as a glass pipe or bong. Others might enjoy vaping using a vaporizer or vape pen. You can even make homemade smoking devices. All of these options work great for smoking weed. However you decide to consume weed, you can find all of the cannabis and accessories you need at BudExpressNow.ca.


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