9 Helpful Cannabis Tinctures Facts

1. Cannabis Tinctures Are Extracts of Cannabis

Cannabis tinctures are derived from cannabis. They’re liquid and, in a nutshell, are basically alcohol that’s filled with cannabis.

2. Cannabis Tinctures Have a Couple Nicknames

People frequently call cannabis tinctures “Golden Dragon” or “Green Dragon.”

3. Cannabis Tinctures Can Be Helpful to People Who Want to Quit Smoking

Cannabis tinctures can be suitable for individuals who want to give up their smoking habits. If you want to steer clear of smoking, cannabis tinctures may be good replacement for you.

4. Cannabis Tinctures Aren’t Difficult to Use

People who want to reap the rewards of cannabis tincture use don’t have to worry. If they’re looking for rapid results, they can employ full or half droppers. They can place these droppers right below their tongues.

5. Cannabis Tinctures Can Be Great for Meal Preparation Purposes

People can use cannabis tinctures in the kitchen without a problem. If you want to integrate cannabis tinctures into your beverages and foods, there are quite a few exciting choices that are available. You can use them to prepare tasty beverages such as juices. You can also use them to prepare great foods and ingredients such as soups, salad dressings, gravy, mashed potatoes, gelatin, sherbet and even ice cream.

6. Cannabis Tincture Storage Is a Piece of Cake

Keeping cannabis tinctures in tiptop shape isn’t a hard task. If you want your cannabis tinctures to stand the test of time, you should keep them safe and sound in places that are both dark and cool. If you do this, you should be able to enjoy your cannabis tinctures for years and years.

7. Cannabis Tinctures Are Great for Dosage Control

Cannabis tinctures can be terrific for people who are interested in better dose control. If you want to take charge of dose amounts, cannabis tinctures generally are superior to edibles that have been packaged in advance.

8. Cannabis Tinctures Operate Rapidly

Cannabis tinctures are ideal for people who like speed. They generally provide people with significantly speedier results than edibles do.

9. Measuring Cannabis Tinctures Isn’t Hard

Cannabis tincture measuring is generally a walk in the park. If you want to figure out the exact amount that’s optimal for you, you can begin with 1 mL and move on from there. If you’re not 100 percent satisfied with your outcome, don’t worry. You can attempt to go with 2 mL in the future.

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