Guide to Making Weed Butter

A Beginner’s Guide to Making Weed Butter

If you want to make marijuana edibles at home, you have a few different choices. Some users make things easy by using THC Oils or THC Isolate. However, for some extra-taste and extra-potent weed edibles, it’s worth making a batch of weed butter that you can then use in all kinds of ways.

Making weed butter isn’t too difficult, and once it’s done, you have plenty of options when it comes to how to use it. Weed butter can substitute regular butter in recipes for all kinds of delicious treats like cookies and brownies. It can also be spread on top of foods when you want a kick of cannabis. You can even blend weed butter into drinks if you want a delicious THC-infused beverage.

You’ll have to go through a few steps before you can make weed butter. Weed must first be decarboxylated to activate the THC, otherwise, it won’t have the desired effects. You then have to cook it into butter before storing it away for use. Fortunately, the process isn’t too difficult to follow and you can make plenty of weed butter to last you for a long time.

Whether you’re looking to make marijuana cookies and brownies or even marijuana-infused drinks, here’s an easy-to-follow beginner’s guide to making weed butter to guide you through the process.

What is Weed Butter?

Weed butter is a marijuana-infused ingredient used to make various forms of marijuana edibles. Although it’s easy to buy readymade weed edibles and there are multiple other ways of making it, it’s also simple to make weed butter at home and you can make large batches to use in all kinds of fun and tasty edibles.

When you make weed edibles, the THC in marijuana must be infused into some kind of fat. The cannabinoids in cannabis bind to fats, which is why butter is used. Once the THC in weed is activated and infused into butter, you can then simply eat the butter to get high. However, most people use weed butter to create delicious recipes to enjoy the effects even more.

Eating weed butter or recipes using weed butter works just like any other edibles. You’ll need to wait for at least 30-90 minutes before you feel any of the effects. However, when you do, the effects are both powerful and long-lasting. The THC in weed butter is digested into the body and converted by the liver into 11-hydroxy-THC. This chemical is much stronger than regular THC, hence the potent effects.

Many people enjoy weed butter as it can be eaten alone, spread across foods or used in recipes to make for all kinds of amazing marijuana edibles. It also provides a high that lasts for hours, giving you great value for your weed. Although the effects might be a little overwhelming for some users, you only need a small amount to get high and even a single batch of weed butter can be used for a long time.

What is Weed Butter

What Kind of Weed Should You Use?

Naturally, you’ll need a batch of weed before you start making weed butter. Any strain of weed can be infused into butter. The butter will mimic the effects of the strain you use, so choose based on what kind of effects you’re looking for.

Indica strains are generally chosen by users who want the more relaxing and body-focused effects of THC. These help users relax and unwind, giving you soothing tingles across your body as well as helping to relax your mind. Indica strains are also considered better for dealing with issues like pain, inflammation, and insomnia.

Sativa strains are considered more uplifting and head-focused. These strains often make users feel happy, creative, and mentally-focused. Sativa strains are also often used to alleviate mood problems such as anxiety, stress, and depression. They can also help counteract fatigue and give you more energy for the day.

Hybrid strains are strains that contain a mix of indica and sativa genetics. As such, these strains are among the most versatile marijuana strains you can get. Not only will they give you a well-balanced recreational high, but they can also help with a range of physical and mental symptoms.

There are plenty of marijuana strains to check out, and when you buy online, you can view product descriptions and reviews so you know what to expect. You may even want to make batches of weed butter with different strains for different effects.

How To Decarboxylate Your Weed

Once you have your weed, the next step is to decarboxylate it. Decarboxylation is a process that involves exposing your weed to high heat over an extended period. This will activate the THC in your weed so that when you eat weed butter, you’ll get the effects of the THC.

Decarboxylation is a simple process that doesn’t take too long. Plus, all you need is your batch of weed, an oven, and an oven tray with some parchment paper. You can grind your weed before decarboxylation, but it’s generally better to do it after.

Preheat your oven to 245ºF. Make sure you keep your oven at the same heat- going too high can result in you burning your weed and losing the THC. Spread your weed across a baking tray on a piece of parchment paper. Spread them out so that you can decarboxylate your weed evenly.

You can now put your oven tray in the oven for around 30-45 minutes. All you have to do now is leave it to decarboxylate, although you might want to shake your tray every 10 minutes or so to ensure the buds remain separate and get heated evenly. Once you’re done, it’s time to start making weed butter.

How To Decarboxylate Your Weed

Making Weed Butter

Once you’ve decarboxylated your weed, it’s time to infuse it into your fat- in this case, butter. Making weed butter is a fairly simple process, although you’ll need a few hours to see it through from beginning to end.

Grind your weed before starting- this makes it easier to infuse into the butter. You’ll also need your butter (any kind will do), a saucepan, glass containers, and a strainer or cheesecloth for straining the butter. It’s best to use a cup of butter for every 7-10 grams of weed you plan to use. Here’s how to make weed butter.

What You Need:

  • 7-10 grams of weed (decarboxylated and ground)
  • 1 cup of butter
  • 1 cup of water
  • A saucepan
  • A cheesecloth/strainer
  • Containers (glass Mason jars work well)

Step 1: Put your saucepan on medium heat. You want to avoid going too hot as this can end up degrading the THC in your cannabis and ruining the weed butter. Once it’s hot enough, add your water and butter and wait for the butter to melt.

Step 2: Once the butter melts, put the saucepan on low heat (160ºF – 180ºF) and add your ground weed. Leave it to simmer for two to three hours without allowing it to boil, stirring occasionally.

Step 3: After it’s been left to simmer, your weed butter will be ready to strain and use. Place a cheesecloth over a glass jar and slowly pour the mixture in. This will separate the butter from the leftover plant material. You can also use a strainer if you don’t have a cheesecloth. Allow the liquid time to fully strain through.

Step 4: When all of your butter has been strained into containers, all you have to do is give your weed butter time to harden. Place the containers in the fridge for around two hours. Once your butter has become hard, place a knife in the middle and pour out any excess liquid. Your weed butter is now ready to use.

How To Use Weed Butter In Foods

After you’ve finished making weed butter, you can use it for a range of tasty weed edibles. You can use weed butter in a few different ways, depending on the kind of food you want to infuse with the effects of marijuana.

The most popular way to use weed butter is to infuse it into recipes. For example, you can make weed cookies, brownies or other baked goods substituting regular butter for weed butter. You may want to use both regular butter and weed butter to avoid making your cookies too potent, especially as it only takes a small amount to produce powerful effects.

You can also simply spread weed butter on top of foods. A common way to use it is to spread weed butter on top of crackers to create firecrackers. You can also put it in a sandwich or even put it on top of steak for a delicious way to enjoy the effects.

Since the THC has already been activated in weed butter, you can also eat it on its own, although this isn’t the most enjoyable method. You can also use it in ways you’d use regular butter, like putting it on your popcorn. There’s really no limit to how you can use it and you can even find plenty of weed recipes online.

How To Use Weed Butter In Foods

How To Add Weed Butter To Drinks

Weed-infused foods aren’t the only way to make use of weed butter. If you’re feeling creative, you can also create some tasty weed drinks. These work just like regular edibles- the only difference is that they come in the form of beverages rather than foods.

For example, you might want to melt some butter into your tea or coffee. Just like that, you have a tasty, marijuana-infused beverage to enjoy. You can even melt it into hot chocolate to help you get to sleep at night.

You could also blend some weed butter into smoothies or milkshakes. You might want to melt it first, but it blends into milk pretty well, making for some delicious weed drinks that taste good and make you feel good.

Some people even make weed-infused cocktails. Weed blends in well with alcohol and these drinks can give you a particularly interesting high. Weed butter isn’t necessarily the best ingredient to use in cocktails, but there are other ways to make marijuana edibles and drinks.

Other Ways To Make Weed Edibles

While making weed butter is a great way to create all kinds of fun weed edibles and drinks, there are other approaches. Some of these methods can even save you some hassle as they take less time and effort than having to decarboxylate weed and cook it into butter.

Since weed can be infused into all kinds of fats, some people cook weed into oil instead of butter. Much like weed butter, weed-infused oil can be added to various meals, drinks, and recipes, and you may even find it more convenient and easy to blend than weed butter.

You can also simply buy cannabis oils. THC Tincture is easy to add to foods, smoothies, cocktails, and other foods and beverages. You also don’t have to go through the effort of making it yourself- just take a few drops of the bottle and add it right in.

Alternatively, you can simply buy weed edibles. Whether you prefer sour gummies, candies, cookies or even honey, there are plenty of ready-to-eat marijuana edibles available to buy. These also give you information on how much THC is in each serving, making it easy to control your dosage and get the desired effects.

Other Ways To Make Weed Edibles


Making weed butter is easy enough for anyone to do, and you don’t need much other than an oven, a saucepan, some weed, and some butter. Although you might need to spend a few hours decarboxylating your weed and cooking the butter, you can make a nice big batch of weed butter that you can then use in all kinds of ways.

Weed butter makes a great addition to baked goods and meals and you can even add it to drinks. These weed-infused creations will give you a potent high that can last for anywhere from 4-12 hours. However, if you don’t feel like going through the process of making weed butter, you can also use THC Tinctures or simply buy readymade edibles. You can find everything you need online from


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