A Guide to Marijuana Distillates

A Guide to Marijuana Distillates

By now, you’re probably used to seeing all kinds of different cannabis concentrates on the market. From shatter to hash, you can now buy marijuana in all kinds of different, high-potency forms for a more powerful experience. However, one of the latest kinds of concentrates making waves are marijuana distillates.

Marijuana distillates are a kind of concentrate usually made in a laboratory using a complex distillation process. The result is one of the purest and most powerful cannabis products. Unlike other concentrates, distillates can contain up to 99% THC or CBD without any unwanted ingredients. You can get strong effects using just a small amount of marijuana distillate, and many users now buy distillates due to their potency and purity.

Distillates come in a thick, liquid-like form similar to concentrates like butane hash oil. Because of this, you can use them in a few different ways or even add them to other products. You can also get different kinds of distillates- some marijuana distillates stem from different strains and you can also get CBD distillates for purely medical effects. Many cannabis users are fairly unfamiliar with distillates, so here’s a guide to marijuana distillates, where to get them, how to use them, and everything else you should know.

What are Marijuana Distillates?

Marijuana distillates are a kind of cannabis concentrate extracted from marijuana via a thorough distillation process. All of the plant matter and unwanted excess is removed until all that’s left is pure and potent THC liquid. Distillates are recognizable by their yellowish liquid form. They often come in a syringe or cartridge which you can add to a vaporizer or even apply to other products to enhance your marijuana high.

Unlike many other types of concentrates, distillates do not use solvents in the extraction process. Because of this, they’re the purest kind of concentrate with some even containing up to 99% of pure cannabinoids and terpenes. Many users choose distillates due to the purity- they can give you nice, clean smoke or vapor. What’s more, they’re also very potent, meaning it only takes a very small amount of distillate to give you a powerful and sustained high.

Distillates are catching on as a popular product and, much like other marijuana products, you can now legally buy all kinds of marijuana distillates in Canada. THC Distillates are popular due to their potent effects, but many people also use CBD Distillates which can give you a range of medical benefits without getting you high. These products are affordable, potent, and very pure.

What are Marijuana Distillates

What are the Benefits of Marijuana Distillates?

There are many different kinds of concentrates available, each with their own benefits. However, marijuana distillates are a unique product with a few particular advantages for users.

One of the main selling points of marijuana distillates is their purity. Flower products usually contain around 15-25% THC content whereas concentrates usually range around 60-90%. Distillates are usually much purer and can contain up to 99% pure cannabinoids. The distillation process removes everything but the key components users need, meaning you’re left with a product that gives you a pure hit of cannabinoids and terpenes without anything extra.

Along with the purity comes potency. Since distillates contain so much THC per gram, you can get high from a very small amount. Even a small cartridge of distillate could last you many uses if you space it out. The effects will hit you hard and fast and the high can also last for a few hours. If you need a product that’ll give you a very strong high, distillates are a fantastic choice.

A lot of consumers also prefer distillates to other products since they’re discreet. They come in small liquid containers which you can simply add to a vape pen or vaporizer. They’re much more inconspicuous than products like hash, shatter or flower and you can take them and use them on the go. They’re also versatile. While many people vape distillates, they’re easy to add to a joint or infuse other products with distillates. You can use them in many different ways and even get different effects based on your method of consumption.

While many people use distillates for the strong psychoactive high, they can also be great for medical users. They provide an alternative to smokable products since they’re easy to vape and they give you potent relief for symptoms like pain, inflammation, stress, depression, headaches, insomnia, and a lot more. What’s more, if you don’t want to get high, CBD Distillates give you all of the same benefits without any intoxicating effects.

Overall, distillates are one of the most interesting and unique products available. In addition to the extra purity and potency, they’re also very affordable, versatile, and can last you for a long time. Due to these reasons, more people are beginning to try out marijuana distillates for themselves.

How to Use Marijuana Distillates - Vaping

How to Use Marijuana Distillates

Marijuana distillates are actually very versatile in the sense that you can use them in many different ways. Not only can you consume distillates themselves via multiple different methods of consumption, but you can also infuse other products with your THC or CBD distillate to enhance the effects. Here are some of the most common ways to use marijuana distillates.

Vaping – Vaporizing is probably the most popular and easiest way to use marijuana distillate. Many portable vape pens and vaporizers are designed for use with cannabis concentrates, and distillates are no exception. Since distillates come in a liquid-like form, it’s easy to simply apply some to your vape chamber, heat them up, and start enjoying the effects. You can also get vape cartridges filled with distillate and pre-filled disposable distillate vape pens to make matters even easier.

Dabbing – For even more hard-hitting effects, you can also dab distillates. Dabbing involves using a dab rig- an advanced kind of bong with a metal or glass nail which you heat up and apply your concentrate to. Simply add a small dab of distillate to your heated nail and take a hit. Dabbing hits you hard and fast and isn’t recommended for beginners.

Add to a Joint – You can also use distillate to enhance a joint or blunt. While it won’t burn well on its own, it can work well if you mix in some distillate with your cannabis flower or other dried herbs such as tobacco. You’ll experience a more intense high when you smoke a roll-up with added marijuana distillate.

Add to a Bowl – Much like you can add distillate to a joint, you can also mix it into a bowl if you prefer to smoke from a bong or pipe. Remember to use some flower to make burning and smoking easier. This is another good way to enhance the effects of smoking marijuana.

Cooking – Distillates make it much easier to create your own cannabis edibles. Distillates are already decarboxylated, so all you have to do is add them to a meal or beverage for strong edible effects. You can add it to your cooking oil, mix it in with some butter before baking brownies or cookies or even add it to drinks. Keep in mind that the effects of THC are much stronger when you use edibles.

How to Use Marijuana Distillates - Cooking

Different Types of Distillates

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to marijuana distillates. They often differ in the plants and strains they’re extracted from. Different products will give different effects based on the types of cannabinoids and terpenes contained within.

THC Distillates are popular for their psychoactive effects. In other words, these will get you very high. THC Distillates can be extracted from all kinds of different marijuana strains. That means that some will give you relaxing and calming indica effects whereas others will give you stimulating sativa effects. Products are often labeled based on whether they give you indica, sativa or hybrid effects to make your choice easier.

CBD Distillates offer an interesting alternative for users who don’t want to get high. CBD is non-psychoactive and therefore won’t give you any intoxicating effects. However, CBD Distillates are fantastic for medical use. They can quickly help with things like reducing pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, headaches, and many other medical symptoms.

Distillates come in a few different forms. You can often buy them in the form of syringes or cartridges which you can simply open up and add to a vape chamber, mix into a joint or use in your cooking. Alternatively, you can sometimes get disposable vape pens filled with distillate or cartridges to connect to a vaporizer.

Where to Buy Marijuana Distillates

Marijuana products, including concentrates, are now legal across Canada. You may find THC and CBD distillates in some local marijuana stores. However, to make things even easier, you can also buy marijuana distillates online.

When you buy online, it’s much easier to find the products you need at great prices and they’re available for delivery all over the country. Orders are sent out in discreet and safe packaging to ensure your products reach you safely. Here are some of the marijuana distillates you can buy online.

Golden Gram Extracts Distillate Syringe – Mango – These distillate syringes are full of pure THC, extracted from indica cannabis. As such, they’re perfect for those who want intense relaxation, pain relief, and better sleep. You can easily vape the distillate or add it to other products for a stronger kick.

Strawberry Bliss – THC Infused E-Juice – This THC infused e-juice is infused with powerful THC distillate. With 500mg of THC in a 500ml bottle, you can get a ton of use out of these by adding the distillate to your vaporizer. With a great strawberry flavor, it’s extra enjoyable to vape.

Rechargeable Disposable Distillate Vape Pens – These distillate vape pens from Smoke Bombs are extra easy to use. Each one is full of pure THC distillate and all you need to do is heat it up and inhale. These disposable vapes also have a micro USB port for recharging. It’s available in four delicious flavors- Peach, Green Apple, Blueberry, and GCG Hybrid.

Alternatives to Marijuana Distillates

Alternatives to Marijuana Distillates

Distillates are one of the best choices out there if you want a pure and potent marijuana concentrate. But if you want something milder or something different, there are plenty of other high-quality cannabis products to choose from. Here are some of the best alternatives to marijuana distillates you can buy online.

Shatter – Shatter is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates available and while it may not be quite as potent as distillate, it’s definitely up there. Shatter is easy to break apart and use by vaping, dabbing or adding to a joint or bowl for powerful THC effects.

Tinctures – Another kind of liquid product, cannabis tinctures are fast-acting liquid products which you use by applying the tincture under your tongue. THC Tinctures can give you a nice, enjoyable high within around 20 minutes whereas CBD Tinctures are great for medical relief. You can also get 1:1 Tincture which combines the effects of both THC and CBD.

Edibles – Marijuana edibles are delicious and deceptively strong. They can give you one of the most powerful marijuana highs- often lasting as long as eight hours. While the high can be intense for beginners, it’s easy to split edibles into smaller doses for a milder and more manageable high. Edibles come in many delicious varieties from marijuana gummies to CBD chocolate.

Cannabis – For some users, nothing beats regular weed. There’s a huge selection available when it comes to cannabis flower from soothing indicas to stimulating sativas. Just roll some up in a joint, add it to a bong or even vaporize it for a great high.


Marijuana distillates are a brilliant cannabis product for users who want a pure product with a strong high. They aren’t made with solvents and can contain extra high levels of THC, resulting in intense effects. You can use them in many ways, from simply vaping them to adding them to your meals and drinks. If you want to try marijuana distillates yourself, simply buy them online, although you should use them carefully as they can be extra strong.


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