More Baby Boomers are Smoking Cannabis

More baby boomers are smoking cannabis and using cannabis products than ever before. According to a survey published last week, 9 per cent of people aged 50-64 said they’ve used cannabis in the last decade. That’s double the amount reported by the same age group last year. So now might be the time to finally get high with your parents.

A relaxed view on cannabis

As more countries are likely to legalize cannabis after Canada, more people are warming up to the idea. The same people who were grounding their kids over a half-hidden bong in their rooms are becoming fans of Mary Jane themselves. According to the researchers of the study, young adults are still the most likely group to use marijuana. However, baby boomers actually have had “more experience with marijuana compared to any generation preceding them”. So most of the boomers using now are not using for the first time. And as both the stigma around marijuana and access to it increases, more baby boomers are finding weed again.

Potential risks for Boomers

An increasing number of older patients are reaching out to their doctors about medical marijuana. And rightfully so! We know that cannabis is an extremely effective treatment for pain, insomnia, seizures and more. And while many doctors are aware of the benefits and want to prescribe marijuana to their patients, it is not yet legal worldwide. It is also imperative that the older generations, but everyone really, has access to quality information about dosing and overall cannabis safety. We know that no one has ever died from a cannabis overdose and that it is likely impossible, but there are still ways to remain safe while high. It is also important to remember that smoking is only one way to use marijuana and that it may not be suitable for everyone. There are many other methods of consumption like CBD oil, THC edibles, vapes, and more.

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