Ganja Yoga

What is Ganja Yoga?

Try yoga to elevate your high and settle deep into your unconscious. Ganja yoga either begins with or incorporates weed into the practice is suddenly wildly popular. The method has been around for a long time but had gained momentum within the last few years. The practice may seem contradictory to achieving full breath, but many experts claim otherwise.

Using Pot To Tune In

Dee Dussault, a hatha yoga teacher from San Fransisco and author of Ganja Yoga thinks marijuana is a powerful tool for tuning into the body.  She states in the FAQ section on her website that the practice is safe and is intended to be done both slowly and mindfully. She asks her students to practice with their eyes closes to avoid feelings of competition and encourage inner awareness. Students have the option to smoke, vape, use oils, eat edibles or any other method they prefer. Dussault says that contrary to popular belief, marijuana allows students to focus better on their breath. She also mentions that many people or more receptive to the philosophy of the practice and trying new things after a ganja ritual.

Who Is This Practice Good For?

The general consensus is that the practice is suitable for anyone who has a yoga experience. Also, the practice should not be a first-time marijuana experience. It is not recommended as a first-time introduction to the practice. If you have practices yoga and have used cannabis in the past, you have the green light. It is also ideal for anyone hoping to dive deeper into the spiritual aspects of the practice.

Is Ganja Yoga Legal?

If marijuana is legal where you live, chances are there is a studio that offers a legal and elevated practice. You’ll have to bring your own cannabis product though and are strictly forbidden to deal with anyone at the studio,

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