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3 Weed Facts You Need to Know

Here are 3 weed facts you need to know if you want to call yourself a stoner. Having a solid cannabis education requires more than just knowing how to roll a perfect joint of bake delicious edibles. However, we do recommend you have those under your belt as well. Pack yourself a bowl, grab a snack and get ready for 3 weed facts you need to know now. We highly recommend you memorize these and share them with your friends during your next smoke sesh.

Cannabis is the fastest growing industry

Love pot? You’re not alone. In fact, this year cannabis took the crown for the fastest growing industry, leaving medicine and tech rolling in the dust behind it. There has been a 445% job growth in listings in the marijuana industry according to the CEO of Zip Recruiter. Currently, the city with the most job opportunities in cannabis is in Los Angeles, CA. If you don’t like the idea of having to physically work with the plant, fear not! There are many opportunities available in sales, graphics and social media as well.

Cannabis was the first thing sold online

That’s right! A dime bag of weed was the very first thing sold and bought online.  In the 1970’s, a group of students at Stanford University made a commercial transaction online using the school’s artificial intelligence system. The baggie was sold to the counterpart system at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology.

Pot is stronger now than ever before

A lot of cannabis users tends to romanticise the era of the hippies because of how free and high everyone was. But believe it or not, the bud you have now is way stronger than what your parents were smoking in the 70’s. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine found that the THC content of weed in the US has tripled. That’s just since the year 1995. Back in the day, it was actually extremely common to get stuck smoking stem instead of the plump green bud we can get our hands on today.

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