Best Cannabis Strains for “Me Time”

It’s important to know what the best cannabis strains for “me time” are. There is no shortage of evidence to support how crucial spending deliberate time with yourself, like this article from Mind Body Green. But there’s absolutely no reason why Mary Jane can’t accompany you on your solo date. In fact, there are some strains of marijuana that can really enhance the experience of me time. If you’re looking for the best strain to use for a quiet night in- keep scrolling.

Best Strain for Quiet Reading

You’ve just wrapped up an action-packed week and absolutely cannot wait to spend your Friday night in bed with a great book. Stock up your night-stand with your favorite munchies and pack a bowl of Nuken. This Canadian strain scores 100% on the relaxation scale which makes it the perfect late night cannabis. While your body will be extremely relaxed you’ll also find yourself very uplifted which will make following a plot still possible.

Best Strain for Being in Nature

If your ideal solo time is spent amongst the trees, you’ll want to get your hands on some Blueberry Dream. This sativa is the daughter strain of the very well known Blue Dream. Not only does this cannabis strain smell like wonderful blueberries, it’s also a very powerful mood booster. It’s perfect for being out in nature with your favorite playlist playing through your ears.

Best Strain for Creative Work

Sometimes our best ideas for art and writing come to us when we’re alone. If you’re looking for a high-quality cannabis strain to boost motivation and spark creativity, Maui Wowie is what you want. This pineapple tasting sativa scored very low on the anxiety scale which makes it the ideal weed for taking risks and trying new things. Many users report great results using this strain before drawing and painting, writing and other creative endeavors.

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