The best cannabis strains for weight loss

Can you really lose weight with certain marijuana strains?

How can the use of cannabis possibly help somebody lose weight? The munchies and couch lock often associated with weed makes it hard to believe. But, yes, it is possible to lose weight with cannabis! In fact, studies are now indicating a decrease in BMI and obesity amongst marijuana users. 

How is it possible for weed to help with weight loss?

Although cannabis is notorious for its appetite-inducing effects, certain strains have higher concentrations of a chemical elements that actually suppresses appetite. For example, THCV is a cannabinoid that impacts the brain receptors responsible for the feeling of hunger. If you are hoping to lose weight (or at least lessen your heightened food consumption) while still enjoying weed, go for the strains specifically bred to have higher levels these appetite-suppressing elements.

Choosing strains for weight loss

As with all desired cannabis effects, it may take a little trial and error to find the strain for you. Every body is different, so each strain will impact each person a little differently. Plus, if you are looking for benefits in addition to suppressing hunger, there are many strains to play with. There are also taste and smell preferences to consider.

The best method is to do a little bit of research, review the options we’ve picked for you below, or grab a sample pack and jump right in! You can try a sativa and/or indica sample pack, each with 5 strains boasting varied effects. However, sativa strains are more likely to have appetite suppressing qualities as they boost your mood and help you concentrate on tasks in a way that makes food feel secondary.

The best strains to try for weight loss

Pink Lady: A sativa-dominant hybrid that smells of pine and tastes of grapefruit! Also great for creative activities and socializing.

Grape GodThough an indica-dominant hybrid, Grape God knocks out the stress that may induce overeating. Plus, it’s grape flavoured!

Lemon Kush: A super uplifting, super citrusy hybrid. Also great for social anxiety and depression.

UK Cheese: Thick and cheesy, UK Cheese is almost all head-high, hence its ability to distract the mind from the urge to eat and lie down.

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