The Best Cannabis Strains for Working Out

The Best Cannabis Strains for Working Out

Summer is finally settling in after being such a tease, so it’s time to grab the best cannabis strains for working out. Is your goal to be more active? Improve your posture? Grow your butt? Whatever your fitness desires are- there’s probably a strain for that. Or at least a strain that helps motivate you to actually work for it. Use this list to crush your lazy stoner habits and blossom into an active pothead instead!

Marijuana and Boosting Energy

Some strains of cannabis can boost energy while also combatting fatigue and stress. If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, or fall into a deep lull by midday, finding the right strain could really change the game for you. Perhaps you want to cut caffeine out of your diet and replace it with someone more natural. Maybe you want a little extra something to help you push through that last set at the gym, or running that last mile. The answer might be a sativa or a high-CBD strain. They contain more uplifting and energizing cannabinioids and terpenes compared to indicas.

Uplifting Strains for Working Out

Our top weed strain for exercise is Durban Poison, a pure sativa from Africa. It’s known around the world as the “espresso of cannabis”, and is frequently recommended to people trying to cut of caffeine. It’s a stimulating and clearheaded high, and the strain contains lots of THCV. Not only will you find the extra energy to push through a work out, but maybe even have some left over to run some errands or do some work.

Very few strains of weed are as famous as Green Crack- but not without good reason. It consistently scores high for euphoria, happiness, uplift and relaxation. It induces a super invigorating mental buzz that compliments physical activity perfectly. It’s tasty mango flavour and fast working effects have made it a global favourite.

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