Best Summer Stoner Activities and Strains

Best Summer Stoner Activities and Strains

Summer is in full force here in Canada, so we have a list of the best summer stoner activities and strains. You’re never alone if you take Mary Jane out to play! We have access to so many high quality indica and sativa cannabis strains these days. That means there is practically a different one to suit every activity that you want to get up to. Make this summer the absolute best one yet!

Live Music

Arguably one of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather is with an outdoor concert. Tons of musicians like Bob Marley actually attribute some of their best creations to cannabis. But they also mention how music can be better enjoyed with a bit of Mary Jane too. National Geographic compiled this super incredible list of their top 10 music venues from across the world. We recommend an uplifting sativa like Blueberry Dream to accompany you on your musical adventure!

Hiking and Nature Walks

Medical Marijuana is the best medicine- but we think nature is a strong second place. It’s been scientifically proven that people who spend time exercising outdoors lead more fulfilling lives. We recommend a hybrid strain to relax you and boost creativity. This way, you’ll be motivated to start your walk, calm when you’re out there and also inspired. Our number one choice for this is White Castle. It scored a whopping 100% in the relaxation category. If you work in a creative field or have creative hobbies like writing or painting, a nature walk can act as a fantastic muse.

Picnic with Friends

We can’t think of many better ways to spend an afternoon off of work or school, than at a picnic with friends. Plan a potluck style lunch and tell everyone to bring a bit of their own bud so that everyone can mix and share. This is the ultimate munchies celebration. Obviously, you’ll want to pack a cannabis strain that triggers your hunger, so we recommend Pineapple Express. Or, you could just bring snacks jam-packed with THC ready in them! Check out these incredible candy edibles by Ed and Bills here.

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