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Buying Pot: Dealer vs. Dispensary

Canadians are getting closer to legally buying their pot from a public dispensary. But as of right now, access to pot through the black market and dealers is not hard to come by. Statistics Canada estimates that Canadians spent $5.7 billion on marijuana last year. Almost 90% of this figure was for illegal, non-medical purposes. When recreational pot is legal, where should you buy it from? Should you stick with your dealer or buy is through a legal dispensary. Keep reading to find out!

Trudeau is Government Legalizing Marijuana

This is a big year for Canadian’s who wish to use marijuana recreationally. The last major vote held in the Senate on March 22 came out 44 to 29. If the vote was not successful, it would have completely jeopardized the bill.  The question is now whether or not government controlled dispensaries will be able to compete with the black market. According to an article written by Emanuela Campanella for Global News, there are a lot of factors to consider. These factors include “the price of legal marijuana, the supply of it, taxes and the consumer experience”. Probably the most important of these to consider, is the price. 

The Legal Marijuana Market Must Be Positive

The bottom line is, if the price of marijuana off the legal market is more expensive than the dealers, buyers wont make the switch. Experts predict that Canada will face a similar issue that Colorado did after legalizing recreational cannabis in 2014. There simply was not enough supply to meet the demand. However, when eventually there is enough supply to meet the needs of the consumer, the black market is likely to face a loss. But Brett Engel, the CEO of one of Canada’s leading medical marijuana producers says the black market will always exist. In order to compete, buying through the marijuana market has to be a positive experience. This means reasonable prices, access to retail locations and the option for online shopping.


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