BXN's Most popular edibles

BXN’s Most Popular Weed Edibles

Weed edibles give you one of the most intense highs you’ll get from any product. Unlike smoking or vaping weed, edibles can take a couple of hours to kick in. But when they do, they give you incredibly strong effects that can last for many hours- sometimes as long as 8-12. Plus, there are plenty of popular weed edibles in many different forms from tasty gummy treats to delectable baked goods.

These delicious treats are a great way to get high or get the medical effects of weed. Edibles also give you one of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy marijuana. So what are the most popular weed edibles? Here are some of the best you can buy online right now.

THC Infused Gummy Bears

These fruity THC Infused Gummy Bears come in all of your favorite flavors and each one contains 10mg of THC. It only takes one or two to get some nice, long-lasting effects, but with 100mg in a pack, you can always increase your dose if you want.

At only $17 per pack, these gummies are extra cheap to enjoy and if you need more you can always grab an extra pack.

THC Infused Gummy Bears

Ed & Bill’s Sour Raspberries

Ed & Bill’s Sour Raspberries are a delicious THC-packed snack from one of the best marijuana edible brands in the business. Each one of these $25 packs comes with 200mg of THC, split into 20 pieces of 10mg each to make controlling your dosage easy.

They’re one of the most popular weed edibles and you can also try out Ed & Bills other gummy edibles such as Ed & Bill’s Coke Bottles, Sour Gummy Bears or Sour Patch Kids. These delicious candies will take you right back to childhood, only you’ll also get an exceptional high.

Ed & Bill’s Rice Crispies

If gummies aren’t quite your thing, check out the Ed & BIll’s Rice Crispies. These rice crispies treats are a delicious way to enjoy the effects of THC. Each one costs just $13 and contains a generous 100mg of THC. Of course, you’ll want to split these treats into smaller portions so you don’t get too high.

The Ed & BIll’s Rice Crispies treat also comes in a few different varieties. You can try out the Ed & BIll’s Rice Crispies Chocolate if you want a little extra flavor or even the Ed & Bill’s Rice Crispies Rainbow.

THC Hard Candies

THC Hard Candies are another great way to enjoy weed edibles. If you enjoy Jolly Ranchers, these candies will give you the same taste along with a phenomenal marijuana high. Just chew them up, enjoy the flavor, and enjoy the high.

You can get these THC-infused Hard Candies in two different flavors- either Blue Raspberry or Watermelon. Each contains 50mg of THC but with them being so cheap, you might want to get more than one.

THC Hard Candies

Ed & Bill’s The Honey Pot

For a unique weed edible, buy Ed & Bill’s The Honey Pot. You get a full, 2 oz jar of delicious honey with 200mg of THC. Dosing might be a little harder than with gummies or chocolate squares, but you don’t need too much of this to get a stimulating psychoactive high.

There are tons of ways to use this THC-infused honey. You can add it to yogurt, cereal, smoothies or even drizzle it over pancakes for an extra-tasty way to get high. Alternatively, just eat it on its own and enjoy the effects.

Ed & BIll’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

For one of the best baked marijuana edibles, try out Ed & Bill’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. These delectable treats will give you a great, long-lasting high. Plus, who doesn’t love the taste of chocolate chip cookies?

Each pack gives you two cookies containing 50mg of THC each. While veterans might be able to chow down on them, most users will need to split these up to get a smaller and more manageable dose.

Ed & BIll’s Dream Sticks

If you prefer weed-infused chocolate, buy Ed & Bill’s Dream Sticks. Each pack contains 200mg of THC infused into these amazing chocolatey treats.

The Caramel Dream Sticks give you all the crunchy chocolate taste along with a layer of caramel. You can also try the chunkier Twin Coffin Crisp Salted Caramel Sticks, containing two sticks of chocolate wafers packed with 100mg of THC each. Don’t eat too much of these at once.

THC Mints

THC Mints

The days of your breath smelling of weed after getting high are over. You can now get high using these THC Mints instead.

Each pack contains 50mg of THC, split into 25 mints containing 2mg of THC each. If you prefer to microdose these are one of the best edibles out there, but you can also take a handful at once for a stronger high.

CBD Tea By Fleurs

If you want the medical effects of cannabis but don’t want to get high, you might want to try out CBD Tea by Fleurs. This non-psychoactive cannabis drink is perfect for counteracting pain, inflammation, stress, and other health issues.

Each pack contains 10 tea bags, each with 7mg of CBD. That means you’ll get 70mg in total per pack. It comes in two different varieties- Woke and Clean, each tailored to different purposes.

Ed & Bill’s Granola Bars

Ed & Bill’s Granola Bars are an amazing THC-packed snack in breakfast bar form. These granola bars are packed with goodness, and they also contain 100mg of THC each. You might not want to eat it all at once, but splitting them into halves or quarters is a great way to enjoy intense edible effects.

These Granola Bars also come in a few different flavors. You can try out the S’mores Bar, Cinnamon Crunch Bar or Rainbow Marshmallows Bar. All of these taste great and they only cost $13 per bar.

Ed and Bills Granola Bars


If you want to get a great, psychoactive high or simply enjoy the medical effects of marijuana, edibles are one of the best methods to do so. Keep in mind that an edible high can last for many hours and they’re best avoided when you have things to do. But if you want an intense experience, try one of these out. These are some of BXN’s most popular weed edibles but you can check out the full range of edibles here.


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