die or overdose using marijuana

Can you overdose or die using cannabis?

Can you die using marijuana? The simple answer is no. You cannot die with any amount of cannabis alone. There are ways to have unpleasant highs. Technically speaking, the bodily receptors that regulate a weed high are not located in the brainstem — meaning they cannot possibly cause an overdose. Though the buzz of cannabis can be intolerable to some, the drug is not lethal. However, there are certain instances where complications, injury, and even death can occur during a weed high. There have been deaths associated with marijuana, not caused by it.

Here are some ways too much weed can cause uncomfortable, and potentially lethal, experiences.

Greening Out

You may have heard the term “greening out.” Greening out is the feeling of nausea, distress after smoking or ingesting too much weed. Some may deem this as overdosing, but in fact it is physically impossible to overdose on just marijuana. It is only possible to consume more than is necessary, hence the unpleasant reaction in the body.

Greening out can include paranoia/anxiety, lack of mobility, cold sweats, disorientation, upset stomach, dizziness, and vomiting. These symptoms can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours. Normally, you can just drink water, relax in a calm environment, lie down, sleep it off, and/or throw up if you have to. If you had been consuming drugs or alcohol in addition to weed, you may need to seek medical assistance.


Oftentimes, edibles can cause greening out or other symptoms of over intoxication. This is because the high hits you much later than a smoking high, so people may consume too much thinking it is not working. The hard-hitting effects typically begin after a few hours, long after the initial ingestion.

Measuring the amount of THC in cannabis edibles is also difficult to regulate with street drugs or edibles created at home. Quality products from trusted sources are guaranteed to have specific amounts of THC or CBD in them, so tolerance is much easily measured.

They may feel so paranoid, anxious, or depressed that they cause themselves harm. The body buzz may hit during the use of a vehicle or heavy machinery and cause an accident. Many marijuana related deaths have been attributed to the use of edibles. Driving or operating machinery under the influence of cannabis is unsafe and illegal in some places.

Cannabis Allergy

Airborne or touch allergies to marijuana are not uncommon. Certain strains or breeders may utilize pesticides and chemicals. These can cause a user to react horribly when they are around the plant, touch the buds, get marijuana pieces in the eye, smoke, or ingest it. They may experience itchiness, hives, congestion, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. More extreme allergic reactions like trouble breathing does not typically occur with weed of any variety. High grade medicinal cannabis is guaranteed all-natural and should not cause such a reaction.
Though it is rare, people can also be allergic to the cannabis itself. More often it is an allergy to a specific strain. Because of this, it may be beneficial to find the right strain (or family of strains) for you and stick to it.

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