Can You Road Trip With Marijuana

Can You Road Trip With Marijuana?

So, you’re ready for a road trip. You’ve got your friends, your vehicle, plenty of snacks, and a few beers. But you might wonder- can you take a road trip with marijuana? Weed makes every social situation more fun, and it can also reduce the stress of having to travel for long periods. However, if you want to go on a road trip with marijuana, you’ll have to follow some important rules.

Road tripping with marijuana comes with many cautions. For one, you’ll have to avoid taking marijuana across the border as it could get you in serious trouble. You should also never risk the driver getting high. However, if you’re safe and responsible, you can travel with an appropriate amount of weed, provided that you don’t use it while driving. Here’s what you should know about taking a road trip with marijuana.

Respect Your Local Law

Taking a road trip with marijuana is possible, but you’ll need to respect the laws of your province, as well as the laws of wherever you’re planning to drive. In most cases, there’s no issue with carrying marijuana in your car. However, that doesn’t mean that you and your friends can use it whenever.

Various laws and restrictions come with carrying marijuana. You should never have marijuana visible while you’re driving, especially as this can get you in big trouble with local law enforcement. You must also never drive across the border while you have marijuana with you.

You should also have identification with you at all times- especially since each province has an age limit on using marijuana. This can help avoid awkward situations if you get stopped and get caught carrying marijuana. As long as you do everything legally, you shouldn’t worry about having marijuana in your car.

Respect Your Local Law

Don’t Exceed Possession Limits

One of the most important things you’ll need to think about when driving with marijuana is how much you have with you. Even though marijuana is legal for adults across Canada, there are still limits to how much you can carry.

Possession limits don’t just apply to how much you have in your pockets. They also apply to how much you have in your vehicle. As such, if you accidentally left a few too many grams of weed in your car, you could end up with a fine. The punishments get harsher the more you’re carrying.

The best approach is to only take as much weed as you need. You might want to pack a couple of joints for when you’ve finished driving, or an eighth to roll a joint later on. However, as long as you don’t go above the possession limits, you won’t face any trouble.

Don’t Take Marijuana Across The Border

Another important rule that you must adhere to when traveling with marijuana is not to cross the border from Canada into the United States. Even though marijuana is now legal in various states, crossing into another country with weed can have serious consequences and it’s not worth the risk of getting caught.

This is especially important if you’re crossing into a state where marijuana is illegal. Some states have harsher penalties for the possession of marijuana, even if you’re only carrying a small amount. However, even if you’re crossing into a state where marijuana is legal, taking marijuana across the border is still a serious criminal offense in both Canada and the United States.

You should also be careful if you’re traveling to another province with marijuana as provinces often have different laws. For instance, while it’s legal to possess marijuana from the age of 19 in Ontario, you must be at least 21 in neighboring Quebec. Sometimes it’s better to simply buy marijuana in the province you’re traveling to.

Keep Your Marijuana Stashed Away Safely

If you’re going to travel with marijuana, you’ll need to keep it stashed away safely. Although you can legally travel with marijuana in your car, you’ll still need to keep it out of public sight in most cases. Failing to do so might result in some legal hassle.

Instead of keeping your marijuana products and paraphernalia out in the open, stash them away somewhere safe while you’re driving. Not only will this prevent you from getting into any legal trouble, but it’ll also deter thieves who might want to get in your car and steal your stash.

Whatever you do, don’t drive with an open container of marijuana next to you. This can give off the wrong impression and is against the law in many areas. If you don’t have space in your glove compartment, keep your products in a bag or backpack while you’re traveling.

Never Smoke While Operating A Vehicle

Never Smoke While Operating A Vehicle

The most crucial rule to follow if you plan to road trip with weed is to never operate a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. This is a serious offense no matter where you are, and driving while under the influence of marijuana is treated much like driving under the influence of alcohol.

Even if you’re an experienced marijuana user, using marijuana can impair your judgment and reduce your reaction time, making it especially problematic while driving. Even if you don’t get into any accidents, a police officer might catch you driving while high, which will result in severe consequences.

This doesn’t just apply to the driver, but also for any passengers. Smoking in an enclosed space can result in second-hand smoke being inhaled by the driver. Even if it’s a small amount, it still has the potential to distract them from the road and can get you in serious trouble if you happen to be stopped by the authorities.


If you’re planning a road trip with marijuana, it’s essential to follow these rules. Even if you don’t cause any trouble, there are some important rules and restrictions about traveling with weed. Make sure you never cross the border with marijuana and keep your marijuana safely stashed away until you’re not driving.

In many cases, you might want to simply leave your marijuana at home. After all, marijuana is legally available everywhere in Canada, and it’s not hard to get your hands on. You can even buy weed and other marijuana products online for convenient delivery anywhere in Canada from BudExpressNow.


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