Canada Weed Pricing Guide

Canada Weed Pricing Guide

Weed is now available to legally purchase and use in every Canadian province. But how much does Canadian weed cost? There are many different factors which can impact the price. Different provinces generally have different price ranges, and prices can vary significantly when it comes to different strains and even different qualities of the same strain. For instance, a popular AAAA+ strain will cost more than regular, moderate-quality bud.

Prices can vary even more when it comes to different kinds of products. Although weed is still hugely popular, many cannabis users choose to consume THC in different ways. There are now tinctures, topicals, edibles, and vape products available to buy. There are also CBD products which offer users many of the same medical benefits as weed but without the psychoactive effects.

If consumers don’t know what kind of prices to look for, they might end up paying too much for weed. However, looking for the cheapest possible products isn’t necessarily the best approach. Rather, it’s best to find high-quality marijuana products at affordable prices. Here’s a Canada weed pricing guide to help you out.

Canada Weed Pricing Guide

Canada weed pricing can vary massively. There are now many marijuana stores across the country. Government stores can differ in price from province to province, and price differences can vary even more when it comes to private retail stores who set their own prices for weed.

Statistics from StatCan show that the price of weed steadily went down from an average of $8.06 per gram in 2015 to $7.00 per gram in 2018. Users may be able to find prices as low as around $5.25 a gram in certain places if they buy in higher quantities. With many cannabis stores competing on price, prices may get cheaper over time.

Of course, how much you should expect to pay depends on where and what you’re buying. Some provinces have much cheaper weed than others. It’ll also depend on the type of strain you’re buying and the quality of the strain itself. Some strains are rarer or more popular and hence will cost more per gram. Likewise, high-quality, trichome-packed buds will cost more than your regular, run-of-the-mill marijuana. However, on the whole, weed is very affordable in Canada.

Canada Weed Pricing Guide

Cost of Weed in Each Province

The price of weed in Canada can also depend on which province you live in. Some provinces only have government-run stores which usually have a fixed price for products across all stores. Others allow private retail stores to gain a license and set their own prices. Prices may also be higher when you buy from big cities.

StatCan provides statistics on the average price of dried cannabis. Since legalization went into effect, many users are paying more for high-quality cannabis. Here’s the average price per gram of weed in each province and territory.

Quebec – $6.75

British Columbia – $7.15

Prince Edward Island – $7.69

Saskatchewan – $8.02

Ontario – $8.05

New Brunswick – $8.27

Nova Scotia – $8.73

Alberta – $9.07

Manitoba – $9.14

Newfoundland and Labrador – $9.36

Yukon – $10.26

Northwest Territories – $14.45

Nunavut – N/A

Prices range from $6.75 dollars per gram in Quebec all the way up to $14.45 in the Northwest Territories. Although, in most places, the price ranges from around $7 – $9 per gram. Users can generally get cheaper weed when they buy in higher quantities. Consumers also have the option of buying online, which often yields much more affordable prices.

Cost of Weed Online

Cost of Weed Online

Although there are now many physical cannabis stores in Canada, many users choose to buy their weed online instead. Online stores offer the same prices to all provinces, meaning people can often get cheaper weed. It’s also convenient as users can have products delivered directly to their doorstep discreetly and without any hassle.

The price you’ll get for weed will still depend on where you buy from. It’ll also depend on the type of strain you buy and the quality of the strain. Online stores generally offer a much wider range of products, so users can usually find all kinds of cheap deals.

From, you can find strains ranging from $6 – $11 per gram, with some going for as low as $4 a gram during sales. Not only can you find a range of popular strains, but you can also get premium quality strains at the best prices available.

For instance, high-quality AAAA grade Mango Kush is available to buy starting at $27 for 3.5 grams. A full ounce (28 grams) will only cost you $186, giving you a cost of only $6.64 per gram for this popular strain. Other premium strains are also available at prices much lower than you’d generally find in stores.

Canada Concentrates Pricing Guide

Weed isn’t the only kind of cannabis product you can buy, either. You can also find high-quality cannabis concentrates available for purchase all over Canada. Concentrates are one of the most popular alternatives to weed as they provide the same effects in a much more concentrated and powerful form.

Concentrates come in many different forms such as Shatter, Budder, Wax, and Hash. The price you’ll pay can depend on the type of concentrate, the strain, and the quality. The cost per gram of concentrates is much higher than for weed. However, keep in mind that this is because concentrates are much more potent and you can get powerful effects using only a small amount. Despite the price, they’ll give you just as much value for money as weed, if not more.

You can usually find hash online at around $12-$25 per gram depending on the kind of hash and the quality. For instance, you can buy Moroccan Hash online at $60 for 3.5 grams, giving you a cost of about $17.14 per gram. Buying 28 grams will cost you $420, giving you a lower per-gram cost of $15.

Shatter is another popular concentrate you can buy which is available in various different strains. It’s one of the purest and most concentrated forms of cannabis, meaning it only takes a very small amount to get powerful effects. Because of this, the price per gram is also quite high. For example, you can buy Pineapple Express online at $35 for 1 gram up to $575 for an ounce.

Budder is also a highly-concentrated product which delivers potent effects quickly. It clocks in at similar prices to Shatter, and you can find some great deals for Budder online. For instance, Gorilla Glue #4 Budder is available at $35 for a single gram up to an ounce for $575, giving you a cost of about $20.53 per gram.

Other concentrates are similarly priced. Although they may seem much more expensive in comparison to weed, even a single gram of concentrate can give you multiple uses due to the much higher levels of THC. As such, many users prefer to buy concentrates.

Canada Edibles Pricing Guide

Canada Edibles Pricing Guide

Weed Edibles are another popular cannabis product. These come in the form of various different marijuana-infused foods such as gummies, chocolate bars, and cakes. You use edibles simply by eating them, although the effects can take up to a couple of hours to kick in.

Edible prices are surprisingly low and give you some of the best value for your money when it comes to consuming cannabis. They give you a much longer-lasting high than smoking weed or using concentrates, sometimes lasting 8 hours or more. The effects are also much stronger as the THC in edibles is converted by the liver into 11-hydroxy-THC, a more potent form of the chemical. As such, it’s very cheap to get high from edibles.

The cost will depend on the type of edibles, the brand, and how much THC they contain. However, they’re generally some of the cheapest cannabis products out there. For instance, a $25 pack of Ed & Bill’s Sour Gummy Bears gives you 200mg of THC, split into 20 doses of 10mg. 

Other edibles can also be found for cheap. For instance, Ed & Bill’s Chocolate Chip Cookies give you 100mg of THC at just $8. You can also split these into smaller doses to make them last for a while.

A 10mg dose is enough for beginners to get long-lasting effects, but you can also take two or three at a time. Some users also split edibles into smaller “microdoses” for milder effects, which can make them last even longer. For the value you can get from edibles, they’re one of the best cannabis products to buy in Canada.

Canada Tinctures Pricing Guide

Another cost-effective way to get the effects of THC is with cannabis tinctures. These are cannabis-infused liquids which you use simply by applying the tincture under your tongue for a couple of minutes and allowing it to absorb into your body. The effects hit you hard and fast and give you a great high that lasts for a fair few hours.

THC Tinctures are full of highly concentrated THC and can give you great value for your money. For instance, Miss Envy 500mg THC Tincture gives you a whopping 500mg of THC at just $45. The optimal dosage for tinctures can depend on your tolerance. A 10mg dose can be enough for some users to get a nice, mild high, whereas some might want to take 25mg for stronger effects. Whichever way, you can make tinctures last for a while.

Other kinds of tinctures are also available. 1:1 CBD-THC Tincture costs $50 and gives you 200mg of THC and 200mg of CBD. You’ll get the medical benefits of both CBD and THC, along with the enjoyable psychoactive effects of cannabis. It’s easy to get a lot of use out of a bottle of cannabis tincture, making it a great product for those who want to get high for cheap.

Canada Topicals Pricing Guide

Canada Topicals Pricing Guide

Cannabis Topicals are unique cannabis-infused products containing either THC or CBD which you can apply directly to your skin. They come in many different forms, such as creams, balms, lotions, and even bath bombs. Interestingly, topicals don’t get you high as they only penetrate the skin without reaching your bloodstream. However, many users find them useful for reducing pain, de-stressing, and healing a range of skin problems.

Topical prices can vary, especially as they come in many different forms. However, they’re usually relatively cheap. 10mg THC Lip Balm costs only $5 whereas 75mg CBD Bath Bombs cost only $13. A 200mg THC Body Cream costs $29 but gives you plenty to use over time.

Whether topicals are worth the money for you depends on what you’re using them for. Users who want to get high should avoid topicals. However, many users find them especially effective for relieving pain and reducing skin problems such as acne and dermatitis.

Canada Vapes Pricing Guide

Vaping is becoming an increasingly popular way to consume both THC and CBD. Many vaporizers and vape pens allow you to vape cannabis strains and concentrates. However, you can also find a range of vape-oils and e-juices infused with cannabinoids for another way to vape. What’s more, these products are usually relatively cheap.

A bottle of 400mg THC Watermelon E-Juice costs only $40. Other flavors are also available, such as Apple Mint E-Juice and Strawberry Bliss E-Juice. Other vape products offer similar prices. Since a 10-20mg dose can be enough for many users to get the desired effects of THC, these can give you long-lasting value for your money.

There is a caveat in the sense that you’ll have to pay extra for a vape pen or vaporizer. Some vape pens are available for as low as around $35-40 whereas premium vape pens can cost anywhere from around $50 to over $100. Investing in a quality vape pen is often a good idea, though, as it can last you for many uses and vape products are relatively cheap.

Canada Vapes Pricing Guide


The price you pay to use weed can vary widely depending on the kind of products you buy. However, compared to places such as the United States, marijuana is available for very cheap in Canada. To get lower prices, it’s best to buy weed online where you can get great deals on high-quality cannabis strains. You can also save money by using other methods of consumption, such as tinctures, edibles or vape oils.


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