Canadian Coffee Chain Will Sell Legal Weed

It looks like soon, Second Cup, a Canadian coffee chain will sell legal weed. The company hopes to turn up to 130 of its locations in Ontario into legal marijuana dispensaries. The provincial government has created a path for private sector pot sales to start on April 1st of next year. The specialty coffee chain announced last week that these locations would be turned into Meta Cannabis Supply Co.

Second Cup and NAC

Second Cup partnered with National Access Cannabis and announced it last April. The NAC is a medical cannabis supply manager hoping to expand their marijuana chain, Meta Cannabis Supply Co., in and around Ontario. This decision can be made possible thanks to the change in the legislature that allows private businesses to sell legal cannabis. Mark Goliger is the chief executive officer of NAC. He estimates that Second Cup will end of converting 50 of its existing cafes. Goliger also said that the converted shops would be devoid of any Second Cup branding and would not be “pot cafes”. The Ontario government has not yet set anything in place that would allow for marijuana to be consumed publicly. The SEO of Second Cup, Garry Macdonald, said that this partnership will be beneficial for both businesses. It is for this reason that the Canadian coffee chain will sell legal weed.

Why make the change?

The decision to convert into marijuana dispensaries is mainly financial. So they estimate that they would be making more money as dispensaries than they are currently as coffee shops. Cities that have declined the retail sale of cannabis will not see these converted Second Cup shops pop up anytime soon. Also, no locations near hospitals of schools will be changed into dispensaries either. Second Cup is the country’s second largest specialty coffee retailer whose main competition is Starbucks and Tim Horton’s.

The company was found in Toronto in the mid 70’s and has locations across the globe including some in the UK and the Philippines.


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