Date Night for Stoners

Date Night for Stoners

BudExpressNOW presents the ultimate date night for stoners guide! We know that you and your partner love each other for many reasons. We also know that one of them is totally the fact that they are a stoner, and can appreciate high-quality cannabis just like you. Summer is in full bloom, and we want you to take advantage with it and get adventurous! Use this guide for some marijuana date night inspo for a first date or with your long time partner.

Enjoy the Outdoors

All of us could use a little more green in our lives. If you live in the city, we highly recommend this as a date option. We can’t think of a better way to enjoy the best natural medicine than while surrounded by the nature in which it came from. Roll up a spliff, fill your vape or pack some edibles and head outside. Depending on what the laws are in your city, you may or may not be able to get high once you get to your outdoor destination. You could head to a large park, go for hike, canoe, garden or just roll around in the dirt. Check out this article by Westword for more information on hiking stoned.

Become Film Critics

Yes, you can watch a movie pretty much whenever, but getting high prior to the flick can add a new element of excitment. To make this even more interesting, we recommend you give you and your date some time to jot down ideas after the movie, and then share them with each other once the Mary-Jane has worn off. You can head to your local theatre, find a specialty screening, go to a drive-in or set up in your living room. It may also be fun to watch a weed-themed movie, like some of these.

Make a Meal Together

Food is a pretty typical date idea, but this version is modified as a date night for stoners idea. There is absolutely no denying that food tastes better when you’re high. Why not get a little sexy in the kitchen and prepare a meal together? We’re warning you though, it may be hard to resist the munchies while preparing food, so we have a few tips. You can either choose to get high 10-15 minutes before your meal will be done or, make a meal that will get you high. Check out this incredible dinner list by Herb.

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