Cannabis and Lupus

Lupus is a chronic inflammatory condition that causes the body’s immune system to attack healthy tissue and organs. Symptoms include:

Muscle weakness
Joint pain
Rashes and skin lesions
Hair loss
Damage to internal organs like the kidneys, heart, or brain
Shortness of breath
Dry eyes

It’s no wonder that people are now turning to marijuana treat the symptoms of Lupus. Cannabis is known to have anti inflammatory qualities, which is one of the root inflictions of Lupus. Lupus is categorized as an autoimmune disease that attacks vital areas of the body like the skin, brain, blood, kidneys, lungs, heart.

Pharmaceutical Treatments vs Marijuana

The most common types of medications taken by Lupus sufferers are:

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Antimalarial drugs

These medications can cause side effects, including:

Stomach upsets and bleeding
Kidney problems
Weight gain
Easy bruising
High blood pressure
Liver damage

Pain relief and Anti Inflammation

Pain relief and anti inflammation are two of the most well known benefits associated with cannabis. Marijuana’s anti-inflammatory properties are highly regarded as the backbone of its medicinal power. Cannabis’ strong anti-inflammatory properties make the drug appealing for patients dealing with lupus, which is characterized by chronic inflammation in various parts of the body.

One of the biggest factors that patients mention for their choice in treating their Lupus with cannabis is that it allows them to avoid all of the negative side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals. There is strong evidence supporting the plant’s anti-inflammatory benefits, making it a logical candidate for treating this condition and others, which involve chronic inflammation (such as IBD and arthritis).


Some patients feel that one of the best ways to treat Lupus is with cannabis that contains high levels of CBD that is orally ingested daily. Others are on a regimen of high CDB levels during the day and switching to a high THC blend at night to help relax.

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