Cannabis and Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a brain disorder that affects movement, coordination, and posture. The causes of Cerebral Palsy aren’t specifically known but it’s speculated that oxygen deficiency during birth could be a key factor. Symptoms become evident at age three and they subsequently last for life. Cerebral Palsy is not a degenerative disease so it does not progress but it can greatly effect development.

Some of the symptoms of CP include:
Muscle tension, rigidity, and spasticity
Visual, speech, or hearing impairments
Sleep disturbance
Cannabis and Cerebral Palsy

1. Pain

One of the most prevalent symptoms of Cerebral Palsy is the pain caused by rigid, locked and contracting muscles. Cannabis has many pain alleviating ingredients that makes it a prime alternative compaired to aggressive pharmaceuticals that have adverse side effects.

2. Muscle Spasticity

Studies involving cannabis have been done that focus on spasticity (muscle contraction), dystonia (involuntary movement) and motor changes in people with Cerebral Palsy. Marijuana was administered orally three times a day over the course of four months and after the trial all the the patient’s muscle contraction symptoms had improved substantially.

3. Seizures

Between 35 and 50% of children with Cerebral Palsy develop subsequent seizure disorders. There is a magnitude of evidence surrounding the positive effects that marijuna has on dercreasing the frequency as well as the intensity in people who are prone to seizures. Studies suggest that the body’s endocannabinoid system controls the seizure threshold and when THC and CBD are introduced, it calms and decreases frequency of these events.

4. Quality of Life

Sleep disturbance is common in Cerebral Palsy and can contribute to increased rigidity and discomfort the next day. Cannabis is known as a sleep aid as well as a mood regulator. Both THC and CBD have qualities that can help fight depression and keep the patient in a balanced mind state when dealing with the stresses that come along with having Cerebral Palsy.

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