Cannabis for Period Relief

Cannabis for Period Relief

If you struggle with PMS symptoms, look no further than cannabis for period relief. As women get older, they become more familiar with their symptoms and what they mean. However, familiarity doesn’t make the process any less painful and annoying. More people are opting for natural remedies like cannabis over prescription drugs filled with harsh chemicals. Use this guide to find the right marijuana product for you to make your next cycle easier to manage.

What are PMS symptoms?

PMS or premenstrual syndrome includes a variety of symptoms that start a few days prior to a woman’s cycle starting. They can last anywhere from one to 10 days. Some of these symptoms are:



-breast tenderness

-mood swings

-shift in appetite


While experiencing any or all of these things are normal and expected, if they get in the way of daily activities, they can become problematic. For some, these symptoms can become severe enough to totally disrupt work, social and family life.

Using Cannabis for Period Relief

Using marijuana as a way to lessen the blow of PMS isn’t a new thing. In fact, Queen Victoria was given cannabis for her menstrual cramps. She didn’t smoke the herb but instead used a tincture liquid that was dripped under her tongue. Today, weed is becoming legalized all over the world, which gives more woman access to alternative pain relief.


Cramps are possibly the most common PMS symptom that women experience. Hormones are released that cause muscles in the uterus to contract. Thankfully, THC is a muscle relaxer, so you can ease the pain of these contractions by smoking weed, vaping or by applying a topical.

Pain and Tenderness

CBD, the other main compound in medical marijuana is extremely effective at combatting pain. Finding a product or strain high in CBD will be great for those who suffer from body tenderness and other body pains.

Mood Swings 

The extreme shift in a woman’s hormones leading up to her period can cause mild to severe mood swings. Some studies show that cannabis can act as a rapid antidepressant, which can help immensely with the emotional ups and downs.




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