Cannabis Tincture Guide

A Brief Cannabis Tincture Guide

A cannabis tincture is an alcohol-based cannabis extract. They were once the main form of cannabis until the United States put a cannabis prohibition in place in 1937. While underrated, they are actually a fantastic entry point for first-time cannabis users. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker hoping to try something new or a newbie to the marijuana world, tinctures are an easy to use, smokeless option.

How to use a cannabis tincture

Placing a couple of drops underneath your tongue is the easiest and fastest working way to use tinctures. The peak develops quickly this way and remains steady for a long period of time. You can also drop the oil into your food and ingest it, however, the effects take much longer to feel this way. The peak and lasting time using this method are comparable to taking an edible. However, it is much lower in calories.

Why choose a cannabis tincture?

The full effects of cannabis are still being researched, but there is sufficient evidence that it can treat many disorders and conditions. These include PTSD, anxiety, nausea, and pain just to name a few. How effective the tincture is depended on what strain of marijuana leaf it is derived from. If it comes from a Sativa dominant strain, it can be very useful in combatting appetite loss and ease the pain. An indica dominant tincture will create more of a body high and can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

Benefits of cannabis tinctures

There is no smoking involved with this method of cannabis consumption and it is very low in calories. Also, they are discreet and easily taken or used in public and social settings if necessary.

Make your own at home

Using these two easy recipes posted by Leaf Science, you can have your own homemade tincture in as quick as five days.
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