CBD Combats Brain Changes Caused by THC

CBD Combats Brain Changes Caused by THC

A new study reveals that CBD combats brain changes caused by THC. For years now we have understood that THC greatly impacts our memory and capacity for processing information. And these changes are most prevalent in pot-users 21 and under, because of how malleable the brain is. But a new study has discovered that CBD, one main compound in cannabis, can protect the brain from changes caused by THC.

Understanding the Hippocampus

The hippocampus is a very important part of the brain, as it controls man functions. These include anxiety control, cognitive performance and forming memories. However, research suggests that THC (the psychoactive compound in medical marijuana)  lowers information coding by the hippocampus. It is important to understand though that these effects are only temporary. This means that once THC is out of someone’s system, the hippocampus is expected to fully function again.

CBD as a Preventative Measure

A new study published in April by the National Institute of Health shows that CBD can protect the brain from the effects of THC. It may serve as both a protective tool, a preventative or as means for recovery. The study administered four 50 mg capsules of CBD a day to regular cannabis users. The neuroscientists were looking for whether CBD can change hippocampal anatomy. The end of the 10-week study revealed growth in parts of the hippocampus due to the CBD uptake. Also, all subjects continued to use cannabis as per their regular habits through the 10-weeks. This suggests that CBD can protect the brain from harmful effects of THC even while it is in the system.

Protecting the Hippocampus

As mentioned, the hippocampus is crucial for controlling many functions of the brain. Unfortunately, once it is damaged (and can visibly decrease in size) it can lead to an array of clinical disorders. These include depression and Alzheimer’s Disease.  THC is not the only thing that can damage this important system. High levels of stress can also negatively impact it. Fortunately, though, our brains are capable of great change, and now we know that CBD combats brain changes caused by THC.

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