CBD for Dogs

This summer everyone is talking about CBD for dogs and pets. It’s common knowledge that CBD is extremely useful for humans, but what about their furry friends?  Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that’s becoming more and more well known. People everywhere use it to help relieve them from pain, inflammation, stress and other conditions. The question on everyone’s mind know is whether CBD is as effective, or even safe for the canines in our lives. Keep reading to find out.

Is treating dogs with CBD safe?

Pet owners and veterinarians across North America are reaching for CBD oil and other CBD products as alternative treatments for dogs. It is becoming a frequently used medication to treat symptoms of seizures, cancer, arthritis, and anxiety amongst pups. One of the main hesitations that people have against this is the fear that their friends may accidentally get high. Dr. Gary Richer, owner and director of Montclair Veterinary Hospital in Oakland, California says that there is nothing to be afraid of, so long as the CBD is dosed properly. Dr. Tim Sh, CEO of VETCBD says that if CBD is dosed properly, there can be no life-threatening side effects. He adds that unlike traditional medications for canines, CBD cannot damage the kidney, liver, GI tract or leave them high.

Is it legal?

The legality of CBD in Canada is unfortunately very confusing. Two Canadian veterinary groups recently teamed up to persuade Health Canada to consider CBD as a medication to be prescribed by vets. In an interview with Global News, the groups said that they are hopeful that the “future looks pet-pot friendly”.

Where can I buy CBD products for my dog?

Here at BudExpressNow, we carry a line of CBD for dogs products. Bully Bites dog treats are 100% fair trade organic, gluten, grain and soy free and infused with solvent-free CBD. They are currently available in three flavors and are guaranteed to make your fuzzy dude’s tail wag.


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