How to choose the right strain for a night out

How to choose the right strain for a night out

Choosing the right strain of weed to take for an event can make or break a night. Since there are so many strains of weed available, it’s hard to know sometimes what the right one is for you. Each person will react differently to the same bud, but some strains are famous for their well known and common effects. Taking the time to pick the right strain could save you from experiencing unwanted side effects like anxiety, and instead, leave you calm and ready to socialize!

Best for a House Party

Dancing, small talk, assorted trivia games and beer pong can be expected out of any good house party. To get the most of the night, we recommend Maui Wowie, an extremely sweet and fruity pure sativa. Since this strain is so uplifting and motivating, you’ll strike up conversation and make friends with ease. It is often used to treat anxiety and depression, so you can count on a stress free evening.

Best for a Dinner Party

Quad Pink Kush is such a potent strain, even experienced stoners will feel the effects of a small dose. It is often used to treat pain, insomnia and appetite loss, so expect to feel relaxed and super hungry. What better way to enjoy food then with marijuana that makes your desire to eat it that much stronger?

Best for Bar Hopping

For a night of bar hopping, you’ll need to be full of energy and ready to socialize,  so we suggest Love Potion. It’s a sativa dominant hybrid famous for its powerful stimulating effects that have been described as warming, buzzing and arousing. This sweet and sticky strain is great for an increase in libido, and guarantees an uplifting and energetic high to keep up with the night.

Best for a Small Gathering

Headband is your best bet if your looking for a nearly balanced hybrid. It scores incredibly high on both the happiness and relaxation scale. This bud will keep you alert and present, making listening and contributing to conversation effortless. It has a relaxing effect on the body and a calming effect on the mind.

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