Clients Reviews

  1. dchrome_

    They gave me free edibles in my purchase. Amazing customer service and knows how to keep their customers happy!

  2. matthew9461

    I’ve been with these guys for years now, always excellent customer service, products, pricing and delivery! Thanks always guys. The Morocco hash kicks ass by the way ✌️

  3. [email protected]

    Update – As in previous reviews; the wrong order was provided a full refund. Great customer service!

  4. [email protected]

    Just received my order and it is completely wrong! Been a long time customer and hoping this gets corrected. Usually this has been a positive experience .. I hope to update with good news.

  5. frodoo

    I am sad to see this store going downhill.
    Showing products that are sold out. Why?
    You had better start restocking cuz I’m getting bored visiting to buy and no stock!

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