Clients Reviews

  1. Hillis33

    Does this site sell shake/trim anyone know of? I’d like to make edibles and smoke the THC. One other weed site I’m using sells 28 grams of aaa+ grade trim/shake for 50$! So hopefully I can get it on here for 40$? Lol little discount but hey it’d help me save some money

  2. kevyb

    I’ve been using budexpress for about half a year and I’d highly recommend them! I always get within 2-3 days of my order, which is way nicer than waiting on a plug. The weed is always good and it’s well priced! Not to mention they do medical

  3. Holly Spicer

    Just bought for the first time and it was fast shipping and great quality! Everything was super fresh and it’s now my go-to for buying anything!

  4. Tanja Preiksaitis

    I’m quite happy being a long time shopper here. The quality is what I ask for, while the deep truth of facts given on weeducation are so well written. I feel very confident buying any of your products and trusting your wisdom of weed.

  5. Daniele Cannataro

    Just joined last month i was looking for raspberry kush and checked lots of different places this one ended my search and took advantage of the 5pre rolls also picked up suger cookies at a great price

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