Clients Reviews

  1. Tony Reccia

    Budexpress is a great online dispensary. After getting the Government ID Card taken care of, no problems at all. Fast delivery and the weed quality is top notch. I will continue to buy from you. Keep up the great work. 👍

  2. Devils21Lettuce

    i order 24 rerolls before and receive 23 prerolls instead

  3. Gmoney

    Been with BXN since 2017 when they had they old website design. Their service is always spot on getting my order to me from BC to ON by Thursday or Friday when i order on Monday. I’ve only had one problem come up and it was over payment, which was easily resolved by contacting them. They keep everything refreshing by constantly changing inventory so you can try new bud and experience a new high. Last package i did get though made my mail dank. I’m not sure what happened, everything was sealed. It’s like the mail package its self smelled more than the weed inside.

  4. Tony Reccia

    I agree though that great service and fast delivery in the 6 months I have been buying from them. Great quality weed. However, I made a HUGE order 3 hours ago and while routinely CHECKING OUT, I was ASKED to snap a PHOTO of my Driver’s License for identification. WHY? I gave them my BIRTHDATE way back and NOW my ORDER is on HOLD up to 24 HOURS. Unbelievable. Especially considering my age and that I have been a steady, faithful customer for 6 months. How ANNOYING and INCONVENIENT is THIS? WOW. Not to mention humiliating asking me for PROOF of my legal age. lol

  5. Tony Reccia

    I have been a member since February and today at CHECKOUT for some reason I was ASKED for Government ID. I am a MEMBER. Now my ORDER is on HOLD up to 24 hours. Funny, since I am 59 years old. lol

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