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Cooking with Kush: Holiday Recipes

Add an extra something special to your favorite feel good, holiday recipes this year by adding weed. With edibles, the magic of marijuana becomes super accessible. Put your apron on and get ready to fight your loved ones over who gets to lick the bowl, because these 4 recipes might be too good to share.

Peppermint Pot Brownies

It’s no secret that cannabis and chocolate are a match made in heaven. Laurie Wolf is a trained chef and passionate “elevated-edible” producer, and she’s created a Peppermint White Chocolate Brownie recipe that’ll serve (and impress) 24 hungry friends. Topped with cream cheese and white chocolate, these delectable treats can be baked from a store-bought brownie mix, or from scratch.



Cannabis Hot Chocolate

Warm up to the fire place with a cup of cannabis cocoa that will feel as good as it smells. This recipe is super unique since it calls for spices like cardamon, turmeric, ginger and most excitingly, your favorite strain. Wondering whether you need to use sativa or indica? It’s totally up to you, and so is the dose.




Cannabis Infused Sugar Cookies

This year, consider leaving Santa a plate of cannabis cookies that’ll help him relax a little. This recipe calls for a healthy serving of cannabutter, which you can incorporate into a ton of other recipes. In just 45-minutes, you’ll have 24 cookies just begging to be decorated.




Marijuana Apple Pie

It’s not a successful holiday party without a warm, home-made apple pie to end the night. This apple pie will get you and up to 16 guests  high, and takes only an hour. The warm flaky crust, juicy apple filling and sensational body high makes for happy bellies and happy hearts.

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