Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Medical and Recreational Marijuana

What really are the differences between medical and recreational marijuana? We hear both terms used all of the time, but do you know what’s unique to each one? The most obvious distinction between the two is the purpose that it serves. Medical marijuana is used to help those suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia and more. Whereas recreational marijuana does not. Both are perceived very differently, and have different stigmas attached to them.

Buying Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis

The shopping experience for both types of marijuana is usually quite similar. Medical marijuana patients will present both their ID to prove they are of age as well as a medical cannabis card. Some dispensaries will have private rooms available for patients for greater privacy and care, and often medical advice. Some dispensaries are “dual licensed” meaning they can sell to both medicinal and recreational marijuana customers. Shops that solely sell weed for recreational purposes require ID, and are not permitted to give medical advice.

The Advantages of Being a Medical Marijuana Patient

Having a medical marijuana card grants you a few pretty cool perks. You will end up paying less for your weed and no taxes. You’ll also be allowed to buy larger quantities of marijuana and have higher THC potency limits. In approved medical circumstances, minors will also be allowed to get their marijuana from a dispensary. You can find out more about this here.

The Different Stigmas

More Americans accept cannabis use for medicinal purposes than those for recreational cannabis. The media often still presents marijuana users as “lazy stoners”. What a lot of people seem to misunderstand though, is how effective marijuana is for all people, not just those with chronic pain or crippling anxiety. Even those who use cannabis recreationally will reap the benefits of cannabis. There are quite a few differences between medical and recreational marijuana, but hopefully both are accepted equally by the public soon.


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