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Differences Between a Joint and a Blunt

So you’re thinking of rolling a fattie, but you’re torn thinking about the differences between a joint and a blunt. But what really is the difference anyway? Rappers frequently talk about rolling blunts made of backwoods. And joints are maybe a little smaller than blunts? Read on to finally clear the confusion! Knowing the differences between a joint and a blunt means you can make a more informed rolling decision, and have the best high yet.

What is a Blunt?

A blunt is rolled with a thick and brown tobacco paper. Backwoods are the most famous paper for rolling blunts. First, you unroll the tobacco out of the cigar, then you replace it with cannabis. If you love the smell and flavor of a cigar, this option is for you. However, blunt wraps are made with tobacco (aka nicotine). Blunts are usually quite large which makes them ideal for sharing. This does come with the risk of a “wet end” though since blunts don’t come with a filter. Of course, you don’t have to share though. Just keep in mind that your cannabis high might also come with a slight nicotine head-rush because of the papers. Also, you can buy blunt wraps online or in smoke shops and skip the hollowing out process entirely.

What is a Joint?

Knowing how to roll a joint is a stoner skill staple. A joint, like a blunt, contains only marijuana and no tobacco. They are rolled with thin, semi-translucent paper that is usually very light. To roll the perfect joint with little effort, most people will add a crutch or filter. This makes actually rolling very easy and protects your lips and fingers from being burnt when the joint is almost finished. Joints can range in size and taste depending on the type of paper that is used. You can also get pretty creative when rolling a joint. The movie Pineapple Express introduced us to the Cross Joint, but there is a infinite number of creative possibilities.

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