The Most Discreet Ways to Get High

The Most Discreet Ways to Get High

Whether you’re at home or out in the town, it’s handy to know the most discreet ways to get high. You can still be a proud pot enthusiast without everyone seeing you getting stoned. Also, there isn’t any denying the familiar skunky smell of bud. So while marijuana is becoming legalized on a global scale, some people still aren’t into it. Maintain your high with these tips, and avoid a confrontation and dirty looks from hard conservatives.

Getting High at Home Without Anyone Noticing

Do you live with parents who don’t want to get high at home? Or with roommates that don’t totally pot-positive? Perhaps you even live by yourself, but don’t like the idea of turning your house into a hot box? Fear not! There are quite a few ways to get baked at home without anyone noticing. The most low-key way to get high in secret is with edibles. Jam-packed with THC and usually incredibly tasty, these treats look like any regular snack! If you’ve got some time and privacy, you could get baking or cooking and make your own. Try this recipe for a killer cup of cannabis infused coffee. If you prefer to smoke your cannabis, we recommend a one-hitter exhaled into a homemade sploof. A spoof makes smoking indoors easy by masking the smell of smoke.

Getting Secretly High on the Go

Everybody vapes. Take advantage of this by getting yourself a concealable vape-pen for all of your on the go needs. It’s by far one of the most discreet ways to get high, especially in public. Hash oil vapor only tends to smell when smoked in very large quantities. Keep your puffs modestly small, and your secret is safe. The most discreet smelling would be a concentrate vape, which tends to smell a lot less than vaping from the actual flower. This tip assumes that you won’t have the look of guilt or shame on your face. Have a pocket or bag handy to slip your vape into when you’re done.





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