Essential Tremors and Cannabis

Essential tremor (ET) is a chronic movement disorder which is known to be quite debilitating. ET is often progressive, beginning as a mild visible tremor with little or no impact on daily living. Over the course of a few years, an Essential Tremor tends to increase in severity, often to the extent that people with ET may have extreme difficulty with simple tasks. Activities such as writing, drinking, eating, shaving, or putting on make-up can be increasingly hard until the person needs caregiver assistance for most tasks.

Many patients with an Essential Tremor show little to no signs of improvement from traditional treatments and are moving over to cannabis to find relief.

Traditional Medications VS. Cannabis

The traditional medications administered for an Essential Tremor have a variety of adverse side effects:

Primidone- can result in erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia
Propranolo- can be a threat to those with cardiovascular sensitivities
Gabapentin- can cause gastrointestinal distress
Diazepam- known for extreme sedating effects

In contrast, cannabis has little to no adverse side effects, unless someone hates the munchies! Pain relief, tremor intensity and frequency are greatly improved with the use of marijuana. When taken orally, both THC and CBD (two of the most active ingredients in weed) are known to help with anti-inflammation, muscle spasms and pain management.

Why Is Cannabis Effective For Essential Tremors

Recent studies suggest that cannabinoids protect against the behavioral disturbances caused by an essential tremor. The symptoms of an Essential Tremor include cerebellar motor disturbances, cognitive and personality changes, hearing and olfactory deficits. These symptoms can be aggravated by emotional stress, fatigue, caffeine or temperature extremes.

When the endocannabinoid system, which naturally occurs in the body, interacts with the receptors found in cannabis they begin to mimic healthy natural responses and decrease the severity and frequency of the Essential Tremors. CDB and THC are also known to help with mood regulation and relaxation, which help the symptoms of an Essential Tremor not to be triggered.

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