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Opportunities at Montreal’s Weed Conference

Montreal’s Weed Conference held on March 10 explored the plethora of new opportunities in the business of pot. The auditorium at Concordia’s John Molson School of Business held 70 curious students. The six-hour conference included panel discussions, question and answer slots, workshops and a business proposal contest.

In Cannabis Limbo

According to this article by the Montreal Gazette, many of the show attendees refused to give their real name during interviews. Some refused to be interviewed at all. This was surely a signal to the “legal and cultural limbo in which cannabis remains.” However, Dave Kaufman, a co-host of the event said that the conference had “the best cowboys and cowgirls here to explain the ins and outs of this burgeoning industry.” 

More Than Weed And Getting High

Jenn Larry was the first speaker of the event, and is the president of the CBD Strategy Group. “Oftentimes you hear people saying, in this industry, that you’re riding the bike and building it at the same time,” she said. She urged the audience to get uncomfortable and engaged with what she believes is “beginning of something huge”. For her, the title, “The Weed Conference” was too exclusive to the idea of pot and getting high. She said that “The Cannabis Conference” would have been a more appropriate title for the event. “We’re building a marijuana industry, where the purpose, the intention, and the ability are far more interesting than just getting high with a bunch of your friends smoking a doob,” Larry Said. 

Marijuana And It’s Possibilities

Larry also took the time to mention the social service that’s provided by medical marijuana. The co-founder of a hemp food company, Martin Moravcik spoke next. He talked about the history and the exciting possible future for cannabis derivatives. The conference was miraculously organized in only 10 days. It’s said to be the first of many aimed at demonstrating the opportunities in the industry to students.

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